A Lovely Bunch of Londoners

As someone who spent the first 23 years of her life in a small suburb upstate New York where people make small talk with strangers, chat with their neighbours and smile at everyone in the streets (and possibly utter a “good morning” in passing), one of the biggest challenges I had when I moved to London back in 2007 was adapting to the people.

They’re really a warm bunch when you get to know them, but being a big city of some 8 million faces from hundreds of countries, the need to carve out a personal bubble is understandable. You get used to it after a while, though, this lack of eye contact, the awkward closeness on the tube, the reluctance to speak to strangers.

Despite this, for me, the people are the greatest part of London – the languages and accents, the diversity in every sense of the word, the fashion, the expressions of creativity, etc. When someone lets you into their bubble, as people do when I interview them for LLO, you get a real sense of what this city is made of and what you find is something truly inspiring.

Other times, it’s fun to sit back and observe life in action. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a series images of Londoners from the Flickr pool. I’ve missed picking out my favourite shots as well as sharing the talent of London’s fabulous street photographers. So that’s what I’m going to do now:

Matching Nicely [Explored #301]Photo: Matching nicely by John Kortland

Rows And Rows
Photo: Rows and rows by John Kortland

Sensible Shoes
Photo: Sensible shoes by John Kortland

Black And White In ColourPhoto: Black and white in colour by John Kortland

Yami Gautam, Bollywood Actress
Photo: Yami Gautam, Bollywood Actress by John Kortland

For Richer, For Poorer [Explored #302]
Photo: For richer, for poorer by John Kortland

Happy Face
Photo: Happy face by John Kortland

The People of Soho: The Fashion Retailer
Photo: People of Soho: The fashion retailer, Lorna, in Bridle Lane by Pete Zelewski

Exhaust Fumes [Explored #322]
Photo: Exhaust fumes by John Kortland

Tahnee - Barbican
Photo: Tahnee-Barbican by Becky Frances

The People of Soho: The Celebrity Hairdresser
Photo: People of Soho, the celebrity hairdresser – with a client list that includes Sienna Miller, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kiera Knightley and Johnny Depp it’s hairdresser Johnnie Sapong in Marylebone Passage by Pete Zelewski

Don't Try It At Home George !
Photo: Don’t Try It At Home, George by John Kortland

The Creative Artist
Photo: People of Soho: The creative artist, Spanish Graphic Designer and Illustrator Adriana in Nottingham Court, Covent Garden by Pete Zelewski

Up Against It  [Explored #322]
Photo: Up against it by John Kortland

Having A NibblePhoto: Having a nibble by John Kortland

Senior Rasta
Photo: Senior rasta by John Kortland

3D View
Photo: 3D View by John Kortland

Diane Abbott MP
Photo: Diane Abbott MP by John Kortland

Face In The Crowd
Photo: Face in the crowd by John Kortland

Victoria Park Portrait
Photo: Victoria Park Portrait by Becky Frances

Father and Son
Photo: Father and Son by Darren Johnson

Taking a break
Photo: Taking a Break by Graham F Kerr

The People of Soho: The Makeup Artist
Photo: People of Soho: Makeup artist Rose from cult British beauty brand Illamasqua in Bridle Lane by Pete Zelewski

Figurehead [Explored #333]
Photo: Figurehead by John Kortland

Photo: Glamorous by Steve Reed

Wrapped Up Against The Cold
Photo: Wrapped up against the cold by John Kortland

Pink And Plugged In
Photo: Pink and plugged in by by John Kortland

Blue Mood
Photo: Blue mood by John Kortland

Well Studded
Photo: Well studded by John Kortland

Photo: London underground by Jiro

Photo: Curls by John Kortland

Ring Tones
Photo: Ring tones by John Kortland

Aya (Stranger #7/100), London Brick Lane
Photo: Aya by H Matthew Howarth

5 comments on “A Lovely Bunch of Londoners

  1. The people shots are good! But Londoners are the most pig ignorant folk on earth! Try a a few days in Edinburgh, or indeed anywhere north of Watford!

  2. Good morning,the 23 pictures of thous incredible people,Each one is telling you some thing through his /her eyes.(life in pictures)excellent.jalal

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