London Street Art Catch Up

Judging by the number of photos in the Flickr pool, it’s been a while since I last posted a street art update!

On a side note, I was hanging out in my favourite King’s Road juice bar, Joe & the Juice, the other day catching up on my gigantic stack of untouched magazines from the last few months. To highlight the fact that the creative, trendy center of London has seriously and undoubtedly truly shifted East, a map that Lonely Planet included with an article on fun stuff to do in London had Hyde Park (which was once considered quite a central landmark) all the way to the left side of the map with London Bridge more or less the central point and everything listed in their article of fun measured by a series of dots scattered around the East.


For someone who lives in SW3, it’s kind of irritating to see all the best new shops, restaurants, etc, popping up East of Liverpool Street. Step it up West London. Rise to the competition of the creative East. Already tourists are coming to this city for the street art of East London, indulging in alternative walking tours around Shoreditch and Hoxton instead of congregating in Piccadilly Circus. Which is fine…

But we need a bit of re-invigoration over here. I’m going to go on a hunt for some new, innovative, creative stuff in the West. Suggestions welcome.

In the meantime, I give you the East and all its colorful canvas glory.

Street Art by Broken Fingaz, Hackney Wick - February 2013
Photo: Broken Fingaz by

Thierry Noir
Photo: Thierry Noir by Alex Ellison

Photo: C215 by Steve Birch

Paste ups by D7606 and D3B, Brick Lane, Shoreditch - February 2013
Photo: Paste-ups by D7606 & D3B by

Photo: Burning Candy Crew by Ewan

Photo: C215 by Hookedblog

Photo: Ronzo by Steve Birch

Mouse what mouse
Photo: C215 by takphoto

Otto Schade, Shoreditch - March 2013
Photo: Otto Schade by

Photo: Ronzo by Alex Ellison

Paul Insect
Photo: Paul Insect by Alex Ellison

Photo: C215 by takphoto

Photo: Alo by takphoto

Photo: Pez by takphoto

Photo: 616 by Alex Ellison

Photo: Alo by Alex Ellison

Paul Insect
Photo: Paul Insect by Hookedblog

Low Bros x Mr.Penfold
Photo: Low Bros and Mr Penfold by Hookedblog

Id-Iom - Sclater Street, Shoreditch - March 2013
Photo: Id-Iom by

Irony, Sky High and Artista, Chance Street, Shoredtich - March 2013
Photo: Irony, Sky High and Artista on Chance Street by

Obit 616 Colab and D7606, Buxton Street, Brick Lane - March 2013
Photo: Obit, 616, D7606 by

Otto Schade
Photo: Otto Schade by Steve Birch

Photo: A rat by Steve Birch

Dale Grimshaw
Photo: Dale Grimshaw by Steve Birch

Shok-1 — Hearts & Minds
Photo: Shok-1: Hearts and Minds by Hookedblog

Pablo Delgado and Benjamin Murphy, Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch - March 2013
Photo: Pablo Delgado and Benjamin Murphy by

Osch AKA Otto Schade, St Pancras International Railway Station - March 2013
Photo: Not exactly outdoors, but this is street artist Otto Schade at St. Pancras International by

Too muchPhoto: Lister by takphoto

Photo: RUN by takphoto

C215 Diss Street – Hackney
Photo: C215 by Mickyh2011

C215 Couple
Photo: C215 by Mickyh2011

Work in progress  DANK
Photo: Dank work in progress by takphoto

Photo: Jonesy by Alex Ellison

Sweet Toof
Photo: Sweet Toof by Alex Ellison

Edwin featuring Sweet Toof
Photo: Edwin featuring Sweet Toof by Alex Ellison

Emeili Sande paste ups by D7606, Shoreditch - February 2013
Photo: D7606’s Emeli Sande paste-ups by

C215 London - February 2013
Photo: C215 by

Photo: Otto Schade by takphoto

That’s it for now!


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