Photography Exhibition Launch Event at The Society Club

Yelp put on a lovely event last night to launch the group exhibition of 24 Soho photos that will be featured at The Society Club until the 10th of June. It’s an interesting venue and made CNN Travel’s list of 10 most interesting shops in London.


Four of my photos (below) are in the exhibition. Two (the green wall in Chinatown and the black and white alleyway shot) are blown up quite big – one upstairs, one downstairs. The other two are smaller, back to back in the front window – one facing in and one facing out.

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 16.40.57

The Society Club will be selling 25 prints of each (not sure about prices), the proceeds of which will go to the Soho School in London, so a great cause! If they run out, you can also find the black and white alleyway shot and the green Chinatown photo in my Etsy shop, Photo Larks.


There were some 250 people on the guest list, so it’s a good thing they decided to set up tents in the space next to The Society Club as well.


It filled up and spilled out on to the street.


I brought along some of my closest friends to help me celebrate.

P1000934(That’s Jorge, Lucy and Danny with me)

There was a bit of guitar playing and a guy in a bright red cape who I didn’t manage to photograph.


There were free burritos and cupcakes.


There were free drinks of many types, including a beer tasting table downstairs.


And bubble tea, which I remember fondly from my teenage years but was not quite appealing anymore. We each had one and it was fun for a while, but they were admittedly abandoned.


When it got a bit chilly outside we went back indoors for a while. Yelp balloons everywhere. Free promo stuff. Lots of people. That’s my black and white print at the top right.


They even had strawberries and cream smelling balloons…


The books usually sold by The Society Club were still around the edges.


All in all, a bit over the top with all the promotional stuff going on, but it was a fun time! If you’re in Soho between now and June 10, pop in to The Society Club, browse their book selection and check out the exhibition. A few shops down on the same street is Ginger & White, a fabulous little place for tea and cake!

6 comments on “Photography Exhibition Launch Event at The Society Club

    • Ah, thanks! I’m not sure what they’re selling them for actually as it all goes to charity to benefit the Soho School and they didn’t have prices up at the launch event. Really exciting to be included though! Hope all is well and thanks for leaving a comment. Can’t wait to see you guys!

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