See you in June!

LLO is going into hibernation for a few weeks. I’m off to St. Louis for a work trip and hopefully some warmer weather.

I’ll pick it back up on the 10th of June.  Lots of interesting interviews lined up, a street art catch up post, a super secret London theatre set to launch soon, photos of the delicious food in one of my new favourite restaurants and plenty more when I come back!

Hope you all have a fabulous two weeks and London decides it’s actually Summer by the time I return. Leave me comments and tell me stories so I have something to read in the airport (links to check out, what you’re up to for the next few weeks, a restaurant to try, etc)!

5 comments on “See you in June!

  1. I was there a couple of years ago for the Popular Culture Conference. Make sure you go up to the zoo, museum and botanic gardens, I think they are all free.
    Also, great Micro-Brew I can recommend-
    Hope you have fun!

  2. Enjoy wherever you are. I hope the sun shines and the picture opportunities are grand! The rain will be waiting for you on your return.

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