This giveaway is one for the ladies (or guys in need of some brownie points)!

My innovative friend Carolina Baker (who wrote a guest post on LLO last week and who I’ve also interviewed for the blog) designed a wonderful product called a Mi-Bra.


It’s a sports bra made with organic cotton, so it’s comfortable to run in, but the best thing about it? It has a little pocket at the front which will hold an iPhone, keys or an Oyster card.

Carolina is giving one away to a lucky LLO winner, so if you need some new motivation to get fit, all you have to do is:

1.) Like LLO on Facebook

2.) Like Carolina’s Facebook Page

3.) Let us know in the comments why you’d like a Mi-Bra!


DEADLINE: The deadline is midnight on June 26th when a winner will be chosen at random from the comments.

Spread the word and good luck! 

10 comments on “GIVEAWAY: A Mi-Bra

  1. I NEED one of those – I’m about to start week nine of the Couch to 5 k (the final week!), and I’d love this as a ‘prize’ for committing to running over the full 9 weeks, and beyond hopefully! Also, I currently keep my Ipod inside my sports bra and grab my pockets every 2 minutes to check my keys haven’t popped out, so my ipod would appreciate it’s own home, and I’d appreciate knowing my keys aren’t 20 minutes run in the other direction! x

  2. This bra would be super, coz then I’d dont have to hide my keys underneath my sportsbra, which is then all wet and disgusting when Im finished enjoying my run in the parks. plus Id finally have the opportunity the take my MP3 Player with me without worrying where to put it 🙂

  3. You enjoy the feeling of freedom when your hands are free while running. At the same time you won’t feel “too naked” without your paycard mobile phone and keya, because you can take them with you and put them in a secure place. A little weight on your chest also adds to the workout. Talk about functionality!

  4. I’ve just taken up running again, so I’d love this bra because I have to take my keys when I run! I’ve also been on the lookout for a really good sports bra, and this looks great! 🙂

    I’ve liked both on Facebook.

  5. Need a decent sports bra (have lost 10 stone, so my boobage need all the support it can get lol). Plus the cute lil pocket for my key will be a lot more comfy i should imagine than my armband for when im running

  6. A good support on the top makes you confident, I would love to try the bra with the little pocket that I guess can work perfectly to put a key or iphone .

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