60 Photographs of Londoners: Part 2

Carrying on from Tuesday’s part 1 post, here’s the other 30 photographs of Londoners!

stranger # 145
Photo: Xanthi is here from Greece studying Music Management – photographed on The Kingsway by stretch1000 London Faces

The Real Thing [Explored #326]
Photo: The Real Thing by John Kortland

The People of Soho: The Bass Player
Photo: Bass Player Lewis from London band La Shark in Bourchier Street, Soho by Pete Zelewski

Keeping Warm  [Explored #469]
Photo: Keeping Warm by John Kortland

55/100, Suzette and Charlotte/London (Shoreditch)
Photo: Suzette and Charlotte from South and East London respectively by Jonathan Campenni

Fish&Chic_March 2013
Photo by Fish&Chic

Brick Lane Street Portrait
hoto: Brick Lane street portrait by Justin Sneddon

Fish&Chic_March 2013
Photo by Fish&Chic

Can We Talk ? [Explored #97]
Photo: Can we talk? by John Kortland

stranger # 143
Photo: Carrolynne on her way home from the gym, photographed on Charterhouse Street, Smithfield by stretch1000 London Faces

Cavendish Square
Photo: Cavendish Square by Richard Stern

Photo: Character by Steve Reed

Fish&Chic_March 2013
Photo by Fish&Chic

Well One At Least ! [Explored #361]
Photo: Well, one at least! by John Kortland

Jake at the Heygate
Photo: Jake at the Heygate by Becky Frances

Rock On [Explored # 272]
Photo: Rock on by John Kortland

Repairs and Alterations, Walworth
Photo: Repairs and alterations, Walworth by getintheshot

Sun Effect
Photo: Sun effect in St. James Park by John Kortland

Valerie June?
Photo: Valerie June? by r3cycl3r

Fish&Chic_March 2013
Photo by Fish&Chic

stranger # 144
Photo: Chakrin is from Thailand and is working in a Thai restaurant in London to support himself while he completes a degree in Financial Management, photographed on Little Portland Street by stretch1000 London Faces

Exit Strategy
Photo: Exit strategy by John Kortland

Seeking Enlightenment
Photo: Seeking enlightenment by John Kortland

Red, Green, Yellow
Photo: Red, Green and Yellow by Steve Reed

Ten ?
Photo: Ten? Bishops Square, Spitalfields by John Kortland

Get Comfortable
Photo: Get Comfortable by Steve Reed

Off To The Side
Photo: Off to the Side by John Kortland

Self Love
Photo: Self love by John Kortland

Brick Lane Street Portrait
Photo: Brick Lane street portrait by Justin Sneddon

Brick Lane shopfrontsPhoto: Brick Lane shop fronts by Astrid Tontson

Leave your faves in the comments!

5 comments on “60 Photographs of Londoners: Part 2

  1. Impressionists to reflect on London’s Classical image.Jalal

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