A Little London Street Art Catch Up: Part 3

And the last bit of the London street art catch up! Here’s parts one and two in case you missed them.

Photo: EOIN by takphoto

Run, A Foot in The Door show, Cock N Bull Gallery, Shoredtich  - July 2013
Photo: Run, A Foot in The Door show, Cock N Bull Gallery, Shoreditch by D7606

Jana & Js
Photo: Jana & JS by takphoto

 Jim Vision and End of the line, Shoreditch - July 2013
Photo: Jim Vision and End of the line, Shoreditch by D7606

Painted walls
Photo: Painted walls by takphoto

The Church Of Best Ever, Old Street - June 2013
Photo: The Church of Best Ever on Old Street by D7606

Photo: Grimshaw by takphoto

Jana & JS
Photo: Jana & JS by Steve Birch

Thierry Noir, Peckham Rye - May 2013
Photo: Thierry Noir in Peckham Rye by D7606

Photo: Robot Charging Station by iCon by takphoto

Osch, Otto Schade, Brick Lane - May 2013
Photo: Osch by D7606

W 11
Photo: W11 by takphoto

Paul Insect
Photo: Paul Insect by Alex Ellison

Photo: My Dog Sighs by takphoto

Paul Insect & Sweet Toof
Photo: Paul Insect and Sweet Toof by Alex Ellison

Photo: C215 by takphoto

Roa / Kid Acne / Cityzen Kane
Photo: ROA in Dulwich by Alex Ellison

Faces in the window
Photo: DON by takphoto

D7606 Twiggy Post Boxes and Mr Fahernheit, Shoreditch - June 2013
Photo: D7606 Twiggy postboxes by D7606

Painted walls
Photo: Kyle Hughes Odgers by takphoto

Kobra, North London - June 2013
Photo: Kobra in North London by D7606

Photo: Dede by takphoto

Photo: Phlegm by Alex Ellison

Turville Street
Photo: Turville Street by takphoto

Ben Slow, Old Street, Shorediych - June 2013
Photo: Ben Slow on Old Street by D7606

DAL east + Sokar Uno
Photo: DALeast and Sokar Uno by takphoto

Graffiti (?), Hackney Wick, East London, England.
Photo: Mural in Hackney Wick by Joe O’malley

Photo: ROA on South Bank by takphoto

Jimmy C
Photo: Jimmy C in East London by Alex Ellison

The End (for now).

2 comments on “A Little London Street Art Catch Up: Part 3

  1. Hmm…pretty sure I missed that particular episode of Rainbow!

    But jokes aside, some epic picture here. Thanks for sharing.

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