Car Boot Sales of London

When it comes to the chic, debonair treasures of the world and unearthing actual pieces of history from beneath tresses and tarpaulins, all roads lead to London. Forget everything you know about car boot sales and prepare yourself for vintage artefacts, forgotten treasures and beautifully priced antiques. Gone are the cuddly toys! Gone are the broken pieces of electrical equipment! Find the right car boot in London and you’ll find an Aladdin’s cave of bohemian opportunities.


From the ‘Fete Worse Than Death’ extravaganza almost 20 years ago to the Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair that took place in Brick Lane in June this year, London has been a focal point for the gathering not just of antique dealers and vintage fashion sellers, but also of contemporary artists longing for the convivial bonhomie of the traditional market. The Vauxhall fair attracted notables such as Billy Childish and Sir Peter Blake, the renowned artist of the Sergeant Pepper cover sleeve, and gave contemporary artists a chance to showcase their work amid entertainment and a loyal recreation of the Soho Colony Room.

You needn’t wait for these special events, however, to enjoy some of London’s finest wares. A trip to the Wimbledon car boot, with its 200 sellers and 7am opening time, regularly see’s the discerning and tasteful return with such prizes as a chic dresser for a couple of notes, liberty upholstered furniture for a tenner, or a truly rare find. If you’re looking for chandeliers, luxurious furniture and vintage ornaments, this is the place to go. The only thing they won’t provide is a man and van service to take your wealth of artefacts back home with you, but – if you’re on a mission to renovate, refurbish or redesign – you can pick up a good deal fairly easily.


With a populace fleshed-out with diverse, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-national artists and creators, it’s never long before an entrepreneurial visionary creates yet another unique car boot. The Capital Car Boot, in Pimlico, is a good example, and was set-up by stylists Faye Marriott to attract a younger crowd with a penchant for vintage fashion, while the truly discerning, those looking for a real deal on real treasure, will find a wealth of tantalising wares at the Battersea car boot – more expensive, but specialises in upper-end antiques.

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3 comments on “Car Boot Sales of London

  1. Try the monthly Chiswick Car Boot sale on the first Sunday of the month. It is massive! With around 400 stalls. I’ve sold at it and it’s great fun. Lots of antiques and collectibles dealers also do it. I have an interior designer neighbour who makes a point of going. Sellers start queueing from the very early hours – 4am or earlier to get a good spot (it opens at 8.30).

    The Saturday car boot sale at Princess May School in Stoke Newington is also a great place to buy second-hand vinyl and CDs.

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