LLO Meet Up Plans and Street Art Books Up for Grabs

How’s everyone? Sorry to leave you guys hanging for a while. It will be a bit of a quiet month around here as I’m travelling as well as preparing for my exhibition so time is tight for exploring and writing until mid-November. If anyone wants to volunteer to write a story and share some photos over the next few weeks, please get in touch. Last week, I went up to Dublin for work and to attend TBEX, the big travel blogger conference. What an experience to be surrounded by 600 travel bloggers and some inspirational speakers. Exploring Dublin was fun too, but I’ll write more about that on my other blog since LLO is all about London. So tell me what’s been happening while I’ve been away?


I’ve been writing LLO for more than four years now and I have yet to meet most of you. I thought since I have the gallery space for my exhibition, it would be a great opportunity to organise a meet up, so mark your calendars!

Who: LLO readers
Where: The Chance Gallery, 123 Sydney Street, London SW3 6NR (nearest tube, South Kensington; buses 49, 22, 211, 19)
When: November 12, 2013 from 6pm onward
Why: So we can connect and you can all come see my exhibition too!

Please bring your own drinks! (If you want a free glass of champagne and some nibbles, come to my launch party the night before. You’re welcome to join us for that celebration as well.)

Let me know in the comments if you’re interested in an LLO meet up so I have an idea of how many people. Looking forward to it!!


Garry Hunter, author of Street Art: From Around the World, has contributed 10 copies of his brand new book Urban Art: The World as a Canvas as an additional reward for backers of the Little City Observations exhibition.

There will be a draw for the 10 books among anyone who has supported the exhibition with £25.00 or more.

Each book will be signed by Garry as well as two of the featured artists – Ben Wilson and Paul “DON” Smith. Garry, Ben and DON have all been featured on LLO in the past.

ABOUT GARRY | Besides being an author, Garry has spent many years in his career as a photographer and is now heavily involved in the street art scene, bridging artists in the UK with international opportunities and bringing artists from abroad to paint in the UK. He works from his fascinating studio in the Trinity Buoy Wharf area of South East London.

ABOUT BEN | Ben Wilson is known as the “Chewing Gum Man”. He’s been painting small masterpieces on discarded chewing gum for 10 years. Sounds gross, sure, but check out the NYTimes feature on Ben. He even made a special chewing gum piece for my LLO, which you will see if you come to the exhibition.

ABOUT DON | DON is one of London’s most prolific street artists these days. He’s been on the graffiti/street art scene for more than 27 years now. His love of music and his past working in the film industry for more than a decade influence his work and he’s well known for his image of The Banker. One of DON’s street art pieces in East London features in one of my prints that will be in the exhibition. DON recently posed by a large version of the print that is hanging in the new cafe of CAPA International Education on Cromwell Road.

Good luck to all of you who’d like a book and thanks a million to Garry, DON and Ben for supporting this project.

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