1000 Facebook Likes – Thank You!

A milestone: 1,000 likes on Facebook! How cool is that? So I thought I should document it. Cheers everyone!

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 8.06.08 PM

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A little impromptu giveaway for you:
The first 3 people to share the Facebook link on any social media platform and comment here can choose a free 8×10 print from my photography shop.

Also, there’s still a few days left to win a month of free fitness!

Little London Observationist in 2013

Dost thou love life? 
Then do not squander time, 
for that is the stuff life is made of.
Benjamin Franklin

I created Little London Observationist in 2009 to remind myself to appreciate the little things about life in London, to encourage myself to step off the pathways carved out by tourists and explore the gritty urban sprawl of this great city and get to know some real Londoners. It was also created to be a platform to share my own photography and writing. During the majority of the last three years, I posted seven days per week. Admittedly, not with the same passion throughout. So it’s time to change a few things and re-invigorate LLO.

I also want to say thanks to all of you who have started following along in 2012 and of course to all of you who have been following for years. To that end I hope to offer more giveaways this year to share my appreciation. So far, in the next few weeks, 10 of you will have the chance to receive a Photo Larks postcard and two of you will get to trial some cool fitness packages for a month. I’m also speaking to another company I did a giveaway with in the past that went over well. Secrets.

So, I have to say that lately I’ve been dipping into other ventures like running my Etsy shops – Photo Larks and Made in Mogotes, writing articles for Townfish and Move Guides and creating a new website for my dad’s side business, Sadler Garden Collections (launching at the end of January). I’ll also be working on a website for my brother who is running his own business, Sadler Fence and Staining, full time from the Spring. I have a number of other freelance projects in mind for 2013 so it’s going to be a busy one to sat the least. I’d also like to spend some time focussing on improving my Spanish (New Years resolutions and such), travelling, cooking more often, enjoying the little things in life with Jorge and spending more time with friends.

Time for Tea

This is great news but also means that because I’ve been so busy, being committed to posting on LLO every single day can simply feel like a chore. That goes against the original vision for the blog and it also takes away from the quality of the posts. As you can see from my own Flickr stream, most of my recent photographs are from my travels, not so many from London. That should also change this year.

I asked all of you to answer a survey in the last post of 2012 and your answers gave me some insight on what you’d like to see here (you can still answer the 3-minute survey if you haven’t yet. I appreciate your input).

The majority of you who answered the survey mentioned that you’d like to see the following on LLO in 2013:

  • More of my own photography (which is great because that’s something I want to focus on more this year anyway.)
  • More interviews with Londoners (also good news as these are always fun for me as well and I already have a few lined up for you.)
  • More neighborhood highlights (I will do my best!)
  • More personal reflections on life in London (I will definitely try to write more along with the photos, but keep it just as colourful!)

With that in mind, in 2013, the name of the game will be quality over quantity.

This means not posting every single day, but coming up with more original ideas, taking my camera out and about around the city and making the time to interview more of you Londoners (please email me if you’d like to volunteer – stephanie.sadler.23 @ gmail.com).

I will of course, still draw from the Flickr pool so please continue to contribute! I’ll also put some more effort into posting additional content on Facebook. Also in the next few months, a new LLO logo and a possible transfer to WordPress.org in the Spring.

Hope you are all having a fabulous 2013 so far!

More soon (and with more photos!)

…And a Happy New Year!

Christmas TreeChristmas tree at my parents’ house in New York a few years ago

One last entry for 2012 to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and a fun and uplifting New Year! Thanks so much for reading LLO this year – to all the new blog followers and those of you who have been around for ages. I appreciate your comments and all of the contributions to the Flickr pool.

It’s been a good year for me. In June, I started a new job I absolutely love at CAPA International Education. I’ve gotten a bit of travel in with trips to Barcelona, Dubai, Tenerife, Toronto down to New York, Paris and now I’m heading up to Edinburgh to spend Christmas and my birthday in Scotland. I’ve made some lovely new friends, was able to spend a bit of time with family and I’ve been with Jorge since February which has been fantastic.

Here’s a few favourites from the 2012 archives to keep you going and at the end of this entry, you’ll find a link to a 2012 LLO survey.

Chinese New Year 2012
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Part 2 (People)

Ben Wilson’s Chewing Gum Art

Checking in with John Kortland

Bob the Big Issue Cat
(or Interview with Stik)

Chelsea Flower Show 2012

Photographs of Londoners at the Queen’s Jubilee

Exploring Elephant and Castle

Listen to a Londoner: Emma John

Flowers at the Churchill Arms Pub

London Art Spot: Penelope Koliopoulou

Listen to a Londoner: Henry Cruishank and Jess Luper

35 Fabulous Photographs of Londoners

And the survey. I’d love to see your responses! –

Click here to take the LLO 2012 survey

There are only 7 questions.
At the end, you’ll get a code for 50% off my photography shop on etsy as a thank you for your time.

LLO will resume mid-January. Enjoy the next few weeks of festivities!

10 Photographs: The (Super Random) Little Things in London

One of the best things about living in such a big city like London is the little silly random things that pop up each day that make you smile or roll your eyes or at least grab your attention away from the mundane, the everyday routine. That’s what this blog is all about.

Yesterday, for example, I saw a grown man in a suit with a briefcase chasing pigeons outside a tube station with a childlike glee. Apart from that he appeared perfectly sane.

But it’s not just the people. It’s the signs with the grammar mistakes, the little touches like the Cockney language option on a cash machine that my friend Rich photographed recently, stuff people leave lying about, stuff people carry through the streets, stuff people wear.

Here’s a few of the latest examples that made it to the LLO Flickr pool.

Photo: Unloading a happy piece of artwork at a gallery on Westbourne Grove by Steve Reed

Empty Chair, BrixtonPhoto: Empty chair in Brixton by Dave McGowan

Photo: Door in Deptford by Steve Reed

Freedom Bookshop.
Photo: Freedom bookshop on Angel Alley, E1 by Dennis Owen

Austerity rainwear for dogs
Photo: Austerity rainwear for dogs by Where The Art Is

Photo: Apostastrophe in the window of Diana’s Diner on Endell Street, Covent Garden by Dave McGowan

Gods Love Never Fails (!?).
Photo: God’s love never fails on Victorian Road N16 by Dennis Owen

This is what happened to baby Jane
Photo: What happened to baby Jane by Graham F Kerr

I Miss Your Grey Sweater...
Photo: Finsbury Park Skate Park N5 by Dennis Owen

And one more that I took near Brick Lane a few weeks ago:

Adjust Your Dress
Photo: Please adjust your dress before leaving by LLO

Have a happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you see something random that makes you smile.


It’s time for my next adventure which means LLO is on pause for a few weeks…

I’m crossing the Atlantic tomorrow morning with Jorge. We’ll land in Toronto to see one of my best friends for dinner, then spend a night and day in Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake before crossing over to upstate New York suburbia to catch up with friends and family for a while and show Jorge where I grew up.

I Love NY
Photo: A farmer’s market vendor in North Tonawanda where I grew up

After that, it’s down to the Big Apple for another three days before heading back to London.

Photo: Map of NYC by Stephanie Bucholz, submitted to They Draw and Travel

I plan give my camera a good workout in the city, eat Lucky Charms and other American delights and frolic in the colourful New England Autumn leaves.

Photo: Fall foliage, Upstate NY by my dad, Pat Sadler

LLO will resume at the end of October, but keep those photos coming in the Flickr pool and stay tuned!