New Blog, Shop, Facebook: Little Observationist

In April, I started Little Observationist, a new blog where I can explore topics that go beyond the boundaries of London that confine LLO. I’ll be interviewing creative and inspiring people all over the world and posting more about travel experiences, some recipes and general lifestyle posts. LLO will stick around, of course, for as long as I live in London, but check out the new blog when you get a chance.

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Some of the highlights so far are:

To keep everything on the same page, I also closed my old Etsy photography shop and opened a new one called Little Observationist which will hopefully help me make a bit of money to put toward my wedding next year!

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And of course a new blog calls for a new Facebook page so hop over and follow me there if you like:

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Follows, links back, likes, shares, etc would be fabulous and highly appreciated to help me get the word out about these new sites! Thanks guys!! I’ll have some colourful Holi Festival photos on LLO for you tomorrow or the next day.

See you in June!

LLO is going into hibernation for a few weeks. I’m off to St. Louis for a work trip and hopefully some warmer weather.

I’ll pick it back up on the 10th of June.  Lots of interesting interviews lined up, a street art catch up post, a super secret London theatre set to launch soon, photos of the delicious food in one of my new favourite restaurants and plenty more when I come back!

Hope you all have a fabulous two weeks and London decides it’s actually Summer by the time I return. Leave me comments and tell me stories so I have something to read in the airport (links to check out, what you’re up to for the next few weeks, a restaurant to try, etc)!

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A New Project: Little Observationist

This is my 1,000th post on Little London Observationist.

First, I want to thank you for hanging around and being my inspiration to keep it going since the first post in May 2009. Thanks for all your comments and photo contributions along the way. It’s truly amazing to connect with so many people every day.

Second, I want to launch a new project: Little Observationist.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 19.09.24

LLO isn’t going anywhere and will still be my primary blog. Little Observationist breaks through the geographical boundaries that a London blog sticks up. There’s plenty to inspire in the world beyond this incredible city. Little Observationist will be more of an extension. I’ll be writing only once a week or maybe less, but it will be an ongoing collection, an exploration. It will be set in the same style as LLO – interviews, lots of photos, but probably more text as well, greater feature style pieces with more detail.

There’s three posts up so far:

1. An introduction

2. A visit to North Tonawanda, New York, where I grew up

3. A profile of street artist and photographer JR

Stop by, follow me there, let me know what you think so far and stay tuned for more. You can also find me on a new Facebook page with everything from street art to travel to fashion to food.