Know something cool or quirky about London that you want to share? Why not contribute? Any of the following will be considered when sent to


  • Flickr pool: Occasionally, photos added to the Flickr pool will be posted on the blog, linked back to the original photo and credited to the contributor.
  • Fashion: If you are a fashion student, vintage junkie or plain old shopaholic who stays on top of the hottest new London looks and up and coming trends, we’re looking for photos of street fashion as well as posts on what to look forward to in the shops the coming weeks.
  • London areas: If you’ve taken your camera out to a specific area of London and want to share some photos, send your five best shots along with a short paragraph on the area you visited.


  • Guest posts: These can be on anything to do with London from your experiences to short stories. Meet someone fascinating, joined a cupcake decorating class or discovered a little nature reserve in the middle of the city? We want to know. Submissions should be no longer than 600 words and include a photo of you or one related to the post.
  • Expat posts: London is full of us. Send stories about adjusting to life in these parts as well as where to find goodies like food or culture from your home country in London. Max 600 words.
  • Restaurant, pub or club reviews: Discover a great place for Thai food or a unique club that you want to share with the rest of us? Write a review – no more than 400 words – and include a photo of either you or the place you’ve written about.
  • Exhibition or event previews: There’s always something happening in this city, so if you’ve got your finger on the pulse and think there’s something we shouldn’t miss, tell us why. Submisions should be 400 words max.

Q&A PROJECTS [Need new people to contribute every week!]

TIPS: Don’t feel like actually writing or taking photos, but found somewhere or something interesting you think should be included? Give me a shout: All contributions will be properly linked up and credited to you. I’m not able to offer remuneration unfortunately, but will of course link to any other sites you’d like me to.

8 comments on “Contribute

  1. Hey 🙂 Your blog is aweswome. I can answer some questions on London 🙂 Just let me know the questions. PLease please please tell me how you got the flag counter on your page???? xoxoxox

  2. Hi, this is such a cool blog! I tried to reach you on your email for a guest post proposal, as I would love to write for a piece for your site; but I keep getting delivery status notification, don´t know why my email does not get through…
    If you are interested, please write to me at

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