Elephant Parade

The streets of London were filled with 258 colourful elephants from May-June 2010. Here’s an archive of interviews with a few of the artists and posts with photos of the 256 I found. I’m just missing poor banished pornographic Gerald and the Pearly Prince.

To read about the Elephant Parade, check out this entry.

Interviews with Elephant Parade artists:
Cako Martin
Charlotte Kingsnorth & Fred Rigby
Adam Bridgland

Photos of the elephants:
Elephants 1-10
Elephants 11-20
Elephants 21-30
Elephants 31-40
Elephants 41-50
Elephants 51-60
Elephants 61-70
Elephants 71-80
Elephants 81-90
Elephants 91-100
Elephants 101-110
Elephants 111-120
Elephants 121-130
Elephants 131-140
Elephants 141-150
Elephants 151-160
Elephants 161-170
Elephants 171-180
Elephants 181-190
Elephants 191-200
Elephants 201-210

12 comments on “Elephant Parade

  1. I hope you get in contact with some of these artists! That would be a neat addition to Little London Observationist.

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