London has a massive expat population. I’m one of them and if you’re reading this page, chances are you are too. I moved to London in 2007, so I’ve covered some bases. I’ll be adding useful bits and pieces to this page and if you have your own suggestions, leave a comment.

CONTRIBUTE: Expat posts – London is full of us. Send your stories about adjusting to life in these parts as well as where to find goodies like food or culture from your home country in London. Accepted submissions will be posted on the blog. Max 600 words. Include full name, age, home country, time in London and a photo of you.


10 comments on “Expats

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  3. Hi, great blog! Like you I’m also an expat. Originally from Brazil living in London for nearly 10 years…I have a similar blog about London life called ‘Adventures of Brazilian girl in London’ hope you can check it out…

  4. This is very encouraging news to Canadians thinking about moving to the “mother land”. I moved in 2007, too. But to Asia, to teach ESL. And I said to myself, if I ever live outside of Canada again, the most exotic place I’d go is England.

  5. Hi, Just stumbled across your blog. I’m Canadian and I’ve been living in London since last summer. To be honest, I’ve been getting quite homesick recently and I’ve been thinking of returning home. I think your blog will help me discover things that I don’t know about London!

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