The Old Heygate Estate

My aunt sent me a few paperback books she found in a thrift shop a few months ago. They were part of a project by the London College of Communication’s photojournalism students to track the re-development of Elephant & Castle over the next decade. She sent me the first two photo books called Home and Community. Many of the documentary style photos in these books focus on the famous Heygate Estate and the people who once inhabited this massive building that is about to be demolished.

The Heygate, which once held 1,200 families, is nearly fully empty now, the residents forced out, some who had lived their entire lives in that building. It’s reputation for crime, poverty and dilapidation has been sited as a main reason for the regeneration. After looking at the LCC books, I wanted to go explore myself. It was nearly empty and easy to find my way into the building, but most of the corridors were fully sealed off already.

Here’s a few shots from inside, and some of the view looking out from the top:
Heygate Staircase

Empty Flats


Heygate Tenants Association

The Fast Train

No More Post

Living Here

End of the Hall


Abandoned Halls

Looking Down

Council Estate

Garage Graffiti

The Outside World

Crack of Light


Heygate's London Eye


Heygate Pipes

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Derelict London: Truman Hanbury Buxton & Co Ltd

A great contribution to the Little London Observationist Flickr pool from Buckeroo Kid, whose photography was also featured a while ago in London Art Spot.

This abandoned pub, Truman Hanbury Buxton & Co Ltd, stands at 757 Woolwich Road in Charlton, SE7.

Since 1997, some 3,500 traditional pubs have shut their doors in Britain.