Globe Media Fashion Show

Last week, we had a great night at the Assembly Hall in Islington stuffing ourselves with African and Caribbean food and drinks, listening to some storytellig, watching some African drumming by a very cool woman with amazingly big hair, some energetic bhangra dancing and, of course, the fashion show.

There were designers from Indonesia, Romania, Afghanistan, India, Iran, Sri Lanka, China, France, Algeria, Eritrea and more. I wasn’t sitting in the best spot for photos, but caught the top half of a bunch of them so you get the general idea!

Fashion Show 1

Fashion Show 2

Fashion Show 3

Fashion Show 4

Fashion Show 5

Fashion Show 6

Fashion Show 7

Fashion Show 8

Fashion Show 9

Khan’s Camden Stall

This is Khan. He’s from Afghanistan. 

Khan sells pretty lapis lazuli and turquoise jewellery, jangling belly dancing belts and clothes from his home country. He is studying business management in London and putting his skills to use with a shop under the bridge of the new section in Camden Market. I bought some Christmas presents from him yesterday.

He’s very friendly and sells nice things, so stop and say hello if you’re around.