Biking in London

A bit of a silly, random photo for you today. I took this shot last week in the East End just for the colours and because I love all of the half-bicycles sitting around the city. People always tell me I take photos of weird things, but that’s the beauty of living here! All the quirky stuff like this…


Also, because I’ve been thinking about getting a bike.

Here are a happy cycling fact for you from “People in cars are exposed to three times more air pollution than pedestrians or cyclists.”

So, I need your opinions…How many of you bike to work in London every morning? Thoughts? Close calls? Positives? Negatives? Leave me some comments and have a great weekend!

(If you have any London bike photos of your own, add them to the Flickr pool for a chance to be featured.)

Bikes Not Bombs

An incredible number of creative people live in London. It seems to be a magnetic centre for artistic souls or maybe the nature of the city drags it out of people, this need for individuality and expression. It’s probably a bit of both.

Either way, it makes walking around the city a bit magical when you spot little things that someone has done, little creative “improvements”.

This bike was leaning against the edge of the canal that runs through Camden Market. I leaned down to take this shot and it turns out the guy who owned it was standing there. He noticed me and said, “You like it?”
“I love it. Where did you get all the stamps?”
“You can just order big bags of them off eBay.”
“It’s great! Well done.”
“I’m here every Saturday to show it off,” he smiled jokingly and went on digging into his tin of whatever yummy market food looked good that day.

Bikes Not Bombs