Lost Shoes on the Tube

Here’s a little London observation from fabienne & co, a pair of lost shoes on the District line, posted in the Flickr pool.

lost shoes

If you can read French, have a look at the possible explanations for these lost ballerina shoes. If you care to make your own guess as to why they were abandoned, comment here!

There’s a great article from Time Out about items that are lost and found on the tube. Worth a read if you haven’t seen it yet. Some of the most unusual finds listed include false teeth, a 14-foot boat, an urn of ashes, a grandfather clock, a jar of bull’s sperm, two human skulls in a bag and breast implants.

Every year

The Tattershall Castle

It’s not actually a castle. It’s a boat. A boat with layers of entertainment. There’s a comedy club and a night club in the bottom deck, to a chilled out lounge bar in the middle with couches and, on the top deck, a beautiful place to sit and have a drink on a summer evening, overlooking the Thames. The Tattershall Castle is smack in the middle of tourist territory along Embankment just right of Embankment underground station, so in the summer it can get crowded, but we’ve always had good times there. (Just watch out because the rocking of the boat makes you feel tipsy before you’ve even had a drink and makes you discount the number of drinks you have had once you start!) I popped in for a drink with a friend the other night and thought I’d take a few photos for you.

Little London Observationist on Flickr

A new addition for the new year: Little London Observationist is now complete with a brand new Flickr group.

So go ahead and join up and post your best “observationist” photos of London. Some of the best will be posted on the blog, with proper recognition and links, of course. Pass it on.

Photo: The Rye in Rain (with Thugs) by Emma Jane from the Flickr pool.