Listen to a Londoner: Lee Thom

Listen to a Londoner. This is a weekly post where people who live (or have lived for a while) in London answer a few questions about the Big Smoke. If you fit the bill and want to be interviewed, give me a shout at Always looking for new volunteers!

Lee Thom, 27

Lee is a guitar teacher from Streatham.
Lee is the plays in the Stayaways.
Lee likes cheesy beans and chips but NOT cheesy chips and beans.
Lee wears a size eleven shoe.

LLO:  How long have you lived in London?
 Nearly two years.

LLO: Where are you (or your family) from originally if not London?
 Swanage, Dorset. (It’s just outside Bournemouth.)

LLO: Best thing about London?
The anonymity…

LLO: Worst thing about London?
 The lack of a beach…. Can’t surf the Thames!

LLO: North, south, east or west?
Sarrf.. (South West preferably)

LLO: Best shop?
Fopp maybe. I DID dig Borders. The Hummingbird Bakery? Candy Cakes in Seven Dials? 

LLO: 2012 Olympics – stay or go?
 Go! (It’s going to be a bit shit.)

LLO: How do you spend your time on the tube?
Reading. If it wasn’t for the tube I’d never have the time.

LLO: Most random thing you’ve seen in London.
 Have you see that silver-faced busker who holds a guitar with no strings and hums the tune on a kazoo? He can’t even play the bloody kazoo, but always draws a crowd… THAT is wierd…

LLO: Best local band?
 (Shameless plug) The Stayaways.

LLO: Favourite book, song or film about London?
 Portobello Road from Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

LLO: Favourite market?
Portobello Road and not just for the song out of Bedknobs….

LLO: If you were to dress up as one of the tube station names for a costume party, which would you be?
 Prince Regent (DLR). I look good in tights and a powdered wig.

LLO: Boris is……
 …..the best thing to happen to London.

Thanks Lee!

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The Bigger Issue is Sometimes Us

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Big Issue seller Ralph Millward was beaten to death by three teenagers last month, but an overwhelmingly compassionate reaction from the local Bournemouth community exemplifies the wide spectrum of attitudes toward the homeless. At Ralph’s funeral, a friend said: “We’re all the same. Understand us; we’re just people.” 

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