General Lying-In Hospital

Like The Polstar* who added this fabulous little find to the Flickr pool, I wouldn’t mind being admitted to this Waterloo hospital on occasion! Anyone else?

This is ideal for me at the moment

Now the question is: Do they do breakfast in bed?

(Apparently, it came about in 1767 after a proposal from the “man mid-wife” Dr. John Leake that suggested something “for the Relief of those Child-bearing Women who are the Wives of poor Industrious Tradesmen or distressed House-keepers, and who either from unavoidable Misfortunes or the Expences of maintaining large Families are reduced to real Want.”)*

*Capitalisation not mine!

Fleet Street: Dundee Courier Building

I walked down Fleet Street this weekend, infamous for its alcohol-loving journalists who produced some incredible work in their day. This is number 186 where Sweeney Todd worked and killed as a barber to become the number one serial killer in British history.