Nunhead Cemetery

One of the three “Magnificent Seven” cemeteries I had yet to visit in London, Nunhead is  tangled, overgrown and disheveled but its beauty is only amplified by these characteristics. It’s a place of peace, with chirping birds and winding pathways lined with trees and monuments, trails off the main track and fantastic views over London. We only had about 30 minutes to explore a small corner before it closed, but here are some photos of this resting place tucked away in a near-forgotten corner of southeast London.

Peace, Perfect Peace

Cemetery Prayers

Cemetery Thoughts

Nunhead Cemetery Entrance




Nunhead Cemetery

Still Autumn


Winter Branches

Brompton Cemetery Birds

Leaves are changing colour in Brompton Cemetery and the birds just seem to be sitting around watching the season turn. On the Old Brompton Road end, a huge number of birds gathers in the street and surrounding tombs and monuments…

Brompton Cemetery Birds

It’s a peaceful walk from one end to the other, the scent of Autumn creeping out of the ground now, people quietly jogging around or reading books on the benches.


There are still flowers in bloom, raspberries growing along the railway tracks on the far side and as you can see, plenty of wildlife.

Bird and Cross

Enjoy the birds!


And a fake one….

Bird on Stick

An Hour in Brompton Cemetery

My seemingly endless search for a new flat has finally ended. I’ll be living near my favourite London cemetery, so here’s a few pics to celebrate the end (of my flat hunting…)!

For some more Brompton Cemetery pics, I also posted some in September…

Share your own cemetery pics in the Flickr pool and I’ll compile a post of them when there’s enough…

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

It was muddy and I was wearing new boots, so I didn’t venture into Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park as far as I wanted to. There were all sorts of tempting trails, but I was sinking and sliding so I will go back another day to finish exploring this green maze of gravestones and pathways in one of the most ethnically diverse areas of East London. Here’s a few photos.