Chelsea Flower Show 2012

The first thing that hits you when you walk into the middle of the main Chelsea Flower Show pavilion is the smell.

Sweet, mingling Springtime scents of roses, lilies, tropical flowers…

I was lucky enough to be offered a press ticket to this year’s event. The Chelsea Flower Show is, in fact, sold out as usual.

So I went down to the show grounds on Sunday with my camera and took some photos to share on LLO.

The garden in the photo above (and the one with the water a few above that) is put together by Homebase for the Teenage Cancer Trust with cedar panels. There’s some photos on the Chelsea Flower Show website of the garden as a work in progress.

Apart from the smell, what hits you when you walk in is all of the vibrant colours!


The photo above is part of the very detailed Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden. Guess how many plants were imported from Thailand to create it?

The answer? 18,000 plants!

That kept me fascinated for a while.

Because it was press day, there was still quite a lot of building going on, finishing touches, tiny details. Everyone wore bright vests and sensible shoes.

And I loved seeing all of the pensioners out for a sneak peak in their fabulous red coats.

 There was a fruits and veg garden with all the greens transported from Jersey done up by the Jersey Farmer’s Union.

Quite unique, don’t you think?

There were quite a few interesting sculptures as well including some brilliantly intricate driftwood animals by James Doran-Webb.

He grew up in Devon, but now lives and works in the Philippines which is where he finds all of his materials.

In fact, there were quite a few talented sculptors represented.

This little guy stuck out for me and here’s a few others:

And back to some more flowers. Pretty in pink.

A delicate purple…

An orange that really pops!

A few strands of green Chinese lanterns:

And some vibrant combinations…

There were some plants I’ve never seen before like these ones:

And some more lovely gardens to stare at dreamily whilst wishing they were at your own home…

Cool little water feature inside the ball! And one with roses:

And then, outside, a massive green pyramid:

It’s 24m (80ft) tall, designed by Diarmuid Gavin, with a lift in the middle and a twirly silver tube slide as one option to get back down!

Another one above that was quite interesting with a silver ring at the front:

Who’s got tickets then?

Wish I could offer you some free tickets, but unfortunately that’s not the case… I can, however, offer you a chance to win two free 8×10 photography prints if that’s any consolation. Today’s the last day to enter so hop to it.