London Links: Daily Candy-London

Daily Candy London is a colourful place to catch up on London fashion, beauty, culture, food, etc.

One of the latest articles features a photo of a mouth-watering creme fraiche tart with lemon curd ice cream. Even better, they’ve revealed the recipe. (Okay, what am I talking about? I’m too much of a disaster in the kitchen to try to conquer that, but it definitely makes me want to pop over to Kitchen W8, the restaurant in question, for dessert.)

Of course, there’s the question of what to wear to dinner. Daily Candy’s on that as well with their fashion page, highlighting the latest shops, trends and sales by product, neighbourhood or feature.

Separating articles by a selection of London neighbourhoods is an option on the front page, adding a unique twist to surfing the site.

There’s a lot more to check out, but be sure to read the captions and articles because the punchy writing on the site and attention to detail is my favourite.