Getting Ready for the Year of the Rabbit

Chinese Chinese New Year celebrations will be in full swing this weekend and Chinatown is taking shape. Here’s some pictures of a quick wander round.

Yellow Lanterns


Chinatown Goodies

Macclesfield Street

Big Dragon

Window Painter



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Christmas on Carnaby Street


In the 60s, Carnaby Street (and a few streets surrounding it) was a haven for revolutionary fashion and everything cool – to both hippies and mods. Like Kings Road in Chelsea, Carnaby Street was world famous for boutiques that popped up to clothe London’s most stylish people. The Beatles, The Who and the Rolling Stones all spent time on Carnaby Street, for starters.

This year’s Carnaby Street Christmas decorations are a kick-back to the 60s in celebration of its 50-year anniversary in 2010. There are acid green, neon yellow and flourescent pink trees dangling over the road and 15 giant balloons declaring “love”, “hope” “joy” etc in psychedelic fashion not to mention giant hot pink reindeer to top it all off, thanks to designer Paul Dart over at James Glancy Design Agency.