George The Dog

This blog is all about the little quirky things/people that make London awesome and make us smile. Where the Art Is captured this little guy sitting on Columbia Road in the East End. Smiles anyone?

Columbia Road

His sign says: “Take my picture by all means. But please put a coin or two (credit cards not accepted) into my hat or I might bite you! Have a nice day at the flower market. Yours truely, George the Dog.”


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Londoners: Ron & Betsy

Ron and Betsy 1

This is Ron and his dog, Betsy. They’re constantly seen together on Portobello Road, Betsy always perched on Ron’s shoulder while he mingles with the market vendors and helps out with a few fruit and veggie stalls.

I walked over and asked if I could take a photo. Ron smiled and nodded, raising his tattoo-covered knuckles up to pat Betsy on the head. He said, “Yea, go on babe.”

He’s gotta be the coolest guy around that area. I hear someone is writing his biography but not sure if that’s just a rumour or any of the details. If anyone knows more, I’d love to read it, so let me know! If you want to see other photos, have a look at the Ron and Betsy Flickr group (and of course, they’ve also been honoured with a Facebook page…)

Ron and Betsy 2

Bye Bye Banksy

The latest Banksy piece that showed up down on The Grange, Southwark, a collaboration with Kieth Haring, was boarded up the next day by the building’s owner… but not before Maggie Jones got in one last sneaky shot.

Just about to be bordered up!

This photo by G2Burning is what it looks like underneath.
Banksy Keith Haring barking dog Southwark, London Oct 2010

The man who boarded it up told Maggie he was covering it to protect it because he is a Banksy fan and an artist himself. In about one year from now, the building is set to be demolished and he is hoping to salvage this piece of wall.