Cabbages & Frocks

cabbages & Frocks Market

Funny, after Friday’s entry about London being dog-friendly, that I should happen to stumble through Cabbages & Frocks on Saturday afternoon. Dogs galore. It was “Dog Day Afternoon” and it appeared I was just in time for “Doggy Aerobics Class” with the Good Boy Dog School. Needless to say, I high-tailed it outta there as soon as I could manouver my way through the barking, furry, mess of wagging tails and shiny coats. Despite that fiasco, Cabbages & Frocks is usually a great place to stroll through for some crafty jewellery, clothes and baked goodies on the way to Marylebone High Street for some boutique browsing and plenty of inviting cafes with outdoor seating.

Spring at Cabbages and Frocks

Dog-Lovers and Dog Toilets…

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Kathy in Toronto who is thinking about relocating to glorious London Town. Not without her two pooches though. She asked me if the capital is dog-friendly.

Kathy says: “How dog friendly is London, really? We’re pretty spoiled here with the many off-leash parks, dog daycares, dog walkers, groomers, boutiques, doggie spas and all around general love of the canine kind. Any thoughts and/or recommendations?”

Definitely not my area of expertise. I’m not a dog-lover (I’ll have a cat any day) so I tend not to notice these things unless there’s a ferocious animal staring in my general direction with fangs on display.

Thought I’d pitch it to you guys instead. Leave it in the comments if you’ve got some advice for Kathy.

I can, at least, vouch for Holland Park. Snapped this one as proof.

Dog Tiolet