Photo of the Day on Londonist: A Bird, A Plane…

One of my photos was Photo of the Day on 8th January over on Londonist. Woohoo! It was taken down near Tate Modern, part of a wall around a construction site. They’re asking for captions if you have any suggestions…

Another one was featured on the same site yesterday for their weekend round-up entry:

This was taken in Ealing Broadway. The sun rises through the barbed wire every morning.

Snowfall Under Street Lamp

Watching snow flakes flit and twirl under a street lamp in Ealing Broadway while walking home one night last week. Coming from a city where everyone has 4-wheel drive and snow scrapers in the back of their cars, it is always amusing to watch London function in snow (or try to). People were also walking around with umbrellas like it was rain… 🙂

Cold, Smoke-Tinged, Silent Night

I stood in a long queue in Ealing Broadway Station after work yesterday for this morning’s Heathrow Connect tickets. A group of 15-20 carolers were singing Silent Night and shaking cans of charity change. I waited and watched people walk through the barriers or down the steps, in from the cold.

People had such varied reactions. A few brave and festive souls joined in and sang along, a couple of them stopped to watch pretending to be preoccupied with digging through a handbag, some smiled quietly to themselves, others looked completely miserable and a lot of them walked by pretending not to even notice as is a typical London reaction to most things that would strike up curiosity in a smaller town like in upstate New York where I grew up.

When Jingle Bells started, I walked up the steps into the chill of Winter London air tinged with cigarette smoke and kebabs from the shop on the corner. I tossed my scarf around my neck for the walk home and thought about all the different ways London can get under people’s skin.

Jonas Bendiksen – Satellites

Moving to Ealing Broadway last week has opened up a new part of London to me that I hadn’t explored before. Yesterday, we wandered around and discovered Walpole Park and, just near there, the Pitzhanger manor and gallery as well as the brilliant Farm W5, an organic shop with tasty juice.

But back to the gallery. There was a fascinating Magnum exhibition by Norwegian photojournalist Jonas Bendiksen. It explores isolated communities of the former Soviet empire – some desolate and unrecognised places, some full of organised crime and human rights abuses.

Bendiksen’s photos look at the areas of The Ferghana Valley, Nagorno-Karabakh, Transdniester, Abkhazia, Birobidzhan and the spaceship junkyard in Kazakhstan. As a photojournalist, he reaches for stories that are off the radar.

If you’re around the area, pop in and check it out. It’s free entry and definitely worth a look.
PM Gallery – Exhibition Page