Burritos Have Rights at Daddy Donkey

A new “kick ass” Mexican grill called Daddy Donkey has popped up over near Brick Lane. (The word “burrito” means “little donkey” in Spanish.) I walked by last weekend to a bit of a fiesta with song and playful protest for the rights of burritos going on. Apparently there are a few other burrito-mobiles around, but this one is the biggest.

Daddy Donkey

Burritos Have Rights

Burrito Protest

Legalise Burrito

Anyone try it out yet?

Stik Mural in the East End

Wrapping around the corner of Sclater Street and Bethnal Green Road, Stik‘s latest figures stand out on a bright and happy yellow background.

Stik Mural 2

Stik Mural 1

Stik Mural 3

Stik Mural 4

Definitely worth walking by if you’re in the area and need a smile!

If you missed the Art Spot interview with Stik, have a read here.

London Life: Scooter and Graffiti Wall

There’s something really urban and “London” about scooters on a background of graffiti, so I couldn’t resist a photo of this one over in the east end.

Scooter and Graffiti

Speaking of scooters and other easy ways to get around the city avoiding public transport, has anyone tried out those new Boris Bikes yet? Think you will?

Stik Love, Burqa-Style

Found this on a side street just off Brick Lane on Friday night after an interview with another graffiti artist soon to be featured on Art Spot. This is one of my favourites by Stik who had a slot on Art Spot many moons ago. He’s got permission from the shop owner so it sould be sticking around for a while.

Stik Love