Easter Egg Rolling on Parliament Hill

Egg Rolling turned out to be quite fun. We gathered in the Garden Gate pub with two painted hard-boiled eggs each. Jorge and I decorated ours with nail polish, Lucy and Danny with water colours and Sharpies, and Kasia and Janka with markers. We sat near the fireplace and asked a friendly and cooperative bartender to judge the best design for the winning prize of Cadbury’s caramel eggs. He chose Janka’s:

And then we set out for Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath on a misty Easter afternoon to scope out the best slope with the fewest grass tufts.

And the games began!

Afterwards, we had to scope out the carnage, check on the survivors that could go on to round two and gather the casualties into the egg graveyard. Here’s the wreckage:

And the graveyard:

But the winner who rolled the furthest was Danny’s egg! Prize: Big chocolate egg with smarties. Yum!

And so concludes my first experience of egg rolling on Easter.

Do you colour eggs for Easter? Is egg rolling part of your Easter traditions? Where do you go for it? And where, for that matter, is the steepest hill in London? Anyone know? (Alexandra Palace? Primrose Hill?)

All this Easter talk and I need some chocolate! Chao!