LLO Book Drop

When I left London in 2007 after four years here, I had amassed piles and piles of books – about 350 of them. Moving house three times during those years and ultimately packing up my life here to send everything back to America made those lovely books I adored so much somewhat of a burden. I gave almost all of them away.

Then I bought a Kindle while I was living in Colombia because there were no English language books in the village. But I still prefer real books with tangible pages. I live for rainy afternoons spent holed up in used bookshops then taking my treasures to the nearest cafe for a cup of tea and cracking open that first page.

So I’ve made a decision that I’m still going to buy books from those lovely little bookshops, but I’m not going to let them accumulate. After I read them, I’m going to leave them somewhere random so someone else can pick them up. Doesn’t it make your day when you stumble on a little treasure? In the front cover, I’ll write a little message with the link to the blog so the person who finds the book can come here and leave a comment about it. And I started a page where I will leave a list of books I’ve dropped.

If you want to participate and leave your own books around for LLO Book Drop, write a little comment in the book with the blog address and ask the finder to comment, then leave a comment for me, let me know the name of the book and where you left it so I can add it to the list.

I left the first book today. So I will start the list….


1.) Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert – Circle Line train somewhere near Embankment – November 30, 2011