Guest Post: The Ramsay Dining Experience

This is a guest post by Katy Robinson, a travel guide writer. Katy has been working as a travel guide writer for a number of years and loves to relate her own travel stories.

Borough Market 1

London is home to a number of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not all of them are beyond the average budget. One of my favourite Ramsay restaurants is The Warrington and surprisingly it is very reasonably priced.

The Warrington is a pub and restaurant which was originally built in 1857. It is no ordinary pub – this is a Chef Ramsay pub and so unlike the run-of-the-mill establishment located on the corner of most streets in cities in the UK, this joint has an extravagant interior, great menu and even better food. There are two floors: the downstairs pub is where you can enjoy bar snacks, a few drinks or a roast dinner on Sunday afternoons; upstairs is a sophisticated restaurant where you can expect great service and innovative cuisine. Yes, you should expect to spend a bit more on your lunch or dinner at this pub-restaurant. However, I think you will agree that it is worth it for the Ramsay dining experience.

I have also eaten at Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food in London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5. I was waiting on a British Airways flight to Glasgow and I decided to treat myself to something nice. I think that all airport restaurants are generally more expensive and so I was happy to pay the prices (which seemed similar to other good restaurants in the airport) and I can confirm that the food was excellent. I was set up for my flight and didn’t need to purchase a meal on board, although I was offered a complimentary drink.

Not only does the F Word Chef have restaurants in the UK, but also in destinations all over the world such as Australia, Japan, the USA and Dubai. Check out the official website for more details of Ramsay’s restaurants worldwide.

Guest Post: Pub Life – The Flask

This guest post by Katy Robinson, a travel guide writer, just happens to focus on one of my favourite Hampstead pubs. Before they moved their weekly open mic night to another pub, we used to go there every Wednesday.
It’s a fantastic place for a drink.

Katy Robinson has been working as a travel guide writer for a number of years and loves to relate her own travel stories.

London is perhaps best known for its black cabs, red buses, telephone boxes, easyJet logo and unpredictable weather. In my opinion, one of the things which makes the United Kingdom unique is its pub culture. Every good Brit has a local where they meet with friends for a pint or some pub grub. It is all about social gathering and it has always been a big part of British life. Locals know exactly where to go for a drink, but it is hard for holiday-makers to find a pub which isn’t a tourist trap.

One of my favourite London pubs is The Flask, which is located in Hampstead. This establishment dates back to 1874 and it has two bars and different rooms where you can settle down for a pint or something to eat. I have some very fond memories of cold winter nights in The Flask chatting with friends from university and playing the weekly Tuesday night pub quiz. At the weekend, we would sometimes meet for Sunday lunch at The Flask. Please, don’t leave London without trying the typical roast dinner served with all the trimmings: roast potatoes, vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and gravy.

I would also spend many a summer’s afternoon at The Flask sitting outside on the terrace in front of the pub listening to the chatter of colleagues, families, friends and drinkers. Sometimes we would sit out enjoying the long summer’s evenings before going clubbing. Even though I am no longer a student, I still go to The Flask. I think that many British people will agree that our lives move on, but the pub we go to never changes (unless we move to another area).

If you are on holidays in London, you really should experience pub life, and where better than a place loved by locals – The Flask.

The Flask
14 Flask Walk