Borough Market: Food, Glorious Food!

I can never resist taking photos (before or after stuffing my face) of the mouth-watering goodies piled up all on wooden tables, looking all organic and smelling like perfectly golden-brown melting cheese one minute and fresh fish the next. I can’t transfer the delicious scent, but here’s some pics! Think of smells….


Oyster Awards

Melting Cheese

(That cheese ^^? Amazing. That black bar above it gets very hot and melts the top of the cheese chunks. The melted bits are the scraped off onto sandwiches. The queue for sandwiches was so long, they were using raffle tickets and calling numbers. The wait was well worth it!)

Heap of Veggies


Market Food

Cheese Cylinders

Buckets Full of Olives

Fresh Eggs

There were also delicious cakes and brownies, but I was too focused on choosing which ones I wanted to eat to take any photos…

*insert nostalgic chocolate craving here*

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