Project Morrinho

Over a decade ago, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a 14-year-old boy did what a lot of boys do at that age. He gathered up some of his fathers materials used in his construction job – like bricks and paint – and he started to build and create.

Nelcirlan Souza de Oliveira had just moved to the city and was fascinated by the favelas that rose up across the city. Some of the other boys in the area joined in on his project and, in 2001, they were spotted by Fábio Gavião and Markão Oliveira, a couple of filmmakers who kicked off Project Morrinho (which means “little favela” in Portuguese) with the boys.

It has since grown into a brilliant way to reach out around the world to educate people about life in favelas. Pop over to Southbank anytime until September to check out the London version as part of the Festival Brazil. Like Brazil’s favelas, London’s council estates often have a bad reputation for poverty and drug-related crimes. The project helps to show that positive things can come out of favelas and council estates; it’s not all negative.

Teenagers from London’s Stockwell Park Estate teamed up with Southern Rio’s Pereira da Silva favela to create this fun and fascinating Southbank favela.

Project Morrinho - South Bank Favela

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