Street Art Catch Up with Alex Ellison

I know of very few people (apart from Griff over at Street Art London or Claude Crommelin) who are as on top of the street art scene in London as Alex Ellison. I had a great time searching for street art in Barcelona last week, but of course I missed out on a weekend of exploring around here. So I thought I’d see what Alex has added to the Flickr pool from while I was away and share with you here.

We’ll start with a big wall by Paul Insect.

Paul Insect

A sideways owl by Dscreet with a few little baby Stiks to the left:


Of course Mobstr is up to the usual signage tricks:

Mobstr: HUH?

And a lovely mural in true black and white Phlegm style:

One artist I was spotted work from all over the streets of Gracia and El Raval in Barcelona is C215. And of course, he’s been busy in London as well. Here’s one last shot from Alex:


Nathan Shoots at Night

This post is a welcome to Nathan Blick, one of the newest contributors to the Flickr pool. I’ve chosen some of his night time shots to share as an introduction. Enjoy!

hart stoping art

the 39 steps

the wizard of oz

all souls church at dusk

fire in the city


red light model

I think my favourite is this last shot of the model sign in the second floor window of a Soho building.

Was anyone else there the night of that bonfire in trafalgar square?

Thanks Nathan!