Some Rugged Bits of London

Loving Fred255‘s contributions to the Flickr pool while I was away last week. Something different to share with you. I’ve left his descriptions beneath each one.

Building SiteNot all of the London Dock area have been redeveloped yet, but it not far off. The site is on the south bank opposite Canary Wharf.

Monk and Glass  Custard
This sad looking Victorian warehouse now awaiting it’s fate, either demolition or conversion into posh flats. Was once owned by Wilfred Adrian Monkhouse, father of the late comedian Bob Monkhouse. 

Monkhouse’s father was a prosperous Methodist businessman who owned Monk and Glass, which made custard powder. 

While looking around this building the urbexer in me came out, I was desperate to find a way inside. I caught the attention of more than one security camera. I gave up, trying to get in and decided to use my fish eye lens to create this imposing view of this once great building.

 The Cooperage
Fire exit to a wine bar in London.

Seen Better Days Looks like this boat has had a nasty fire. It was moored on The River Thames near Chelsea bridge.

Trading Places
Taken about the same time as this one was taken. 

Here we see old Thames barges, used for moving and selling goods up and down the Thames. Behind Canary Wharf. 

Canary Wharf is a major business district in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, England. Rivalling London’s traditional financial centre, the City of London, Canary Wharf contains many of the United Kingdom’s premier office spaces and tallest buildings

Dedicated to Ronnie, a reminder of the good times. They will be back.

70's Style Bridge Ramp

On the side of the A102 one of the major roads in and out of London. Taken on a trip with my good friend Ronnie (Badgerrat 1) This was one of the few times that day I managed to wrestle my fish eye lens away from Ronnie.


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Break Dancing in the Streets of London

There’s something magical in the way break dancers contort their bodies, throw themselves around, twisting and flipping and spinning. They’re mesmerising to watch. I had to share these two brilliant photos from Shando followed by an awesome slow motion video by Where The Art Is from the Flickr pool.

We got Moves!
Gettin Down (Oldskool style)

Do any of you lovely people know how to break dance? Wish I did but I’d probably just break myself!

Any exciting weekend plans?

The Bridge, The Dome and The Wharf

“Beauty can be seen in all things; seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.”
– Matt Hardy

It’s amazing how a certain approach to photography can make me look at something familiar with a new appreciation. That’s how I feel when I look at Don Kiddick‘s photos like the ones below that he added to the Flickr pool. The way he plays with light and shadows, etc. in his photography creates these pristine images of London icons.

The girl, the dolphin and the bridge


The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries

I find myself exploring London in a completely opposite way from what these photographs communicate. I tend to seek out the grit and grime, the spray-painted walls and stray banana peels, the eccentric people and misspelled signs. I never really look at London in reality the way Don’s photos allow me to see it. He has an ability to bring out its romantic appeal, and I appreciate that.

(That said, Don’s photos aren’t always so glowingly inviting either; he’s also taken photos of subjects like abandoned morgues…But back to London, if you’re looking for more like these from Don, check out his London rooftops set. They’re just as gorgeous as these.)

George The Dog

This blog is all about the little quirky things/people that make London awesome and make us smile. Where the Art Is captured this little guy sitting on Columbia Road in the East End. Smiles anyone?

Columbia Road

His sign says: “Take my picture by all means. But please put a coin or two (credit cards not accepted) into my hat or I might bite you! Have a nice day at the flower market. Yours truely, George the Dog.”


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London Lenses: An Everyday View

Thanks to those of you who played along on the first London Lenses photo mission. Are you ready for the next one?

The theme for the next week is: An everyday view.

By this, I mean the view from your office window, something or someone you walk by every day or even a mundane object like your toothbrush that you (hopefully) see every day but don’t really think about.

Here’s a couple from me from last year as an example:

Roses and Bricks

Building near Portobello Road where I walked every day.

Chipped Paint 2

Chipping paint on my office building.

Central Line

And of course, the Central Line.


Step 1: Take photos of things tyou see every day
Step 2: Upload to Flickr pool
Step 3: Tag photos LLOeveryday and write in the description why it makes you smile