London Street Art: Star-Crossed Lovers

Here’s a bit of street art from Focus that I found in Fulham the other day. It’s not a part of London where you usually see graffiti, so I was quite happy to have spotted this. I think it’s been around for a few years now, but it was the first I’ve walked by it.

Photo Scavengers: January

Photo Scavengers project – January keywords:

1. My Past
2. Dream
3. Focus
4. Socks
5. Goal
6. A forgotten place
7. Indulge
8. Bird
9. Cupcake
10. A Relative
11. Blank canvas
12. Sunshine
13. Belief
14. Bound
15. Adventure
16. Travel
17. Relax
18. A different point of view
19. Surprise
20. A symbol of faith