Kensington Roof Gardens as a Wedding Venue

In the past few months, I’ve been tossed into the whirlwind world that is wedding planning.


It’s not something I will bore you with here on a regular basis, but it seriously is a whole different universe and has opened up bits of London I’ve never seen. So I’ll share some of those bits occasionally.


Part of this planning involves going to check out potential venues, so I convinced Dimple to join me for a wedding open day at the Kensington Roof Gardens over the weekend.


Mainly because I heard they have resident flamingos.


For the open day, the venue is set up as if a wedding were about to happen.


I hadn’t been to the Roof Gardens before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when we walked in to the building tucked away on a side street off of Kensington High Street.


A receptionist pointed us to a lift in the corner and said to head up to the 6th floor.


We were greeted by friendly members of staff who offered us a seat and a glass of champagne while we waited to be taken around on a little tour.


Everything was decked out in purple – the table clothes, the flowers, the glowing lights around the bar.


A piano sat in the corner waiting for a pianist to come along.


We walked in to the main area where the ceremony is meant to take place, a separate table placed to the side where official documents are signed. A white carpet with rose petals was rolled down the middle.


The chairs were covered in white stretch material and tied with organza bows. Purple, of course.


We saw the “moo room” with its cow-print seats and froofy dress where the bride gets ready. Apparently it which can be used at some point during the event to contain naughty children or escape from the madness for a secret glass of champagne.


Besides the flamingos, the gardens outside were the best part.


We stepped outside into the Spanish garden which was lush and colourful.


There was a bar in the middle, a place to hang out under a structure with pretty archways along the side and water flowing along the other.


Tiles lined the walkway.


I could hang out here with a good book and a cup of tea any day.


It was peaceful and relaxing, although I guess once you fill it with 200 people, it’s probably not!


At the end of the garden was a Moroccan room.


Another place I could spend a few hours with a good book and a cup of tea.


Richard Branson owns the Roof Gardens.


He also owns property in Morocco (as well as probably most other places in the world) and much of the decor in this room came from there.


It’s colourful, cosy, has lanterns and looks back out onto the garden.


There were plenty of cushions and tea lights for atmosphere.


Next we walked back the way we came.


We headed through a long arched pathway where you can have your confetti thrown at you.


That led us to the area where tables are set up under a tent, a cake in the middle, heat lamps in case it’s cold.


We saw a million and one options for table runners and chair covers.


There’s a bar there as well, and an old water pump.


Around the corner is where the fabulous four flamingos live in a little pond.


Next to them, there’s a red wooden bridge and a Japanese maple tree.


This splits the flamingos from the ducks, which hang out on the other side.


There’s a play area there with huge garden chess, jenga and connect four.


After that it was back indoors to look at picture books, ask questions, eat canapés and have a cup of tea.

28 on the 28th! – My 28 London List

Happy birthday to me! It’s the special one – the one where your age and the date match. Glorious. I’ll be out celebrating with a few of my closest friends at my favourite Moroccan restaurant tonight.

In the meantime, I have put together a list of 28 things I want to do in London whilst I’m 28. Any suggestions I shouldn’t miss out on, leave them in the comments and if I haven’t already been there, done that, I’ll add it to my list. Also, if you’ve done any of these things, tell me if they are worth it!

1.) Find a shop or market stall that sells interesting jewellery making supplies for my Etsy creations. Any suggestions?

2.) Interview at least one different Londoner each week for LLO. Any volunteers?

3.) Visit the Thames barrier.

4.) Take a tour of Dennis Severs House on one of the Monday night candlelight tours.

5.) Learn how to take those awesome streaky, long-exposure night photographs.

5.) Enrol in a Spanish course.

6.) Cocktails or wine, a brownie and a film and Electric Cinema on Portobello Road.

7.) Meet Graham and walk around Camden with our cameras. He doesn’t know that yet but he might now.

8.) Go on a street art walking tour around the East End.

9.) Visit as many cemeteries as I can find to take photos. Know any good ones I may not have been to?

10.) Take a photograph of this muddy canal bit with the reflection of a very colourful building that I can see out of the Southeastern train window coming into London Bridge just before Deptford.

11.) Go on an organised photo walk in an area of London I’ve never explored.

12.) Have a market stall at least one weekend to sell the jewellery I make.

13.) Find some quirky new local-ish pubs to try like The Cat’s Back in Wandsworth.

14.) Take a class at The Make Lounge.

15.) Get a bike. Use it.

16.) Play ping pong at The Book Club in Shoreditch.

17.) Check out the cushion-y beer garden at The Eagle in Shepherd’s Bush in the summer.

18.) Discover a new favourite bookshop, restaurant and coffee shop.

19.) Track down the best Sunday Roast with the best atmosphere.

20.) Secret Cinema.

21.) Draw on the walls at The Doodle Bar in Battersea.

22.) Try some teas from around the world at Postcard Teas on Bond Street.

23.) See a film at Lexi Cinema in Kensal Rise. Funny enough, I lived in Kensal Green two years, walked down Chamberlayne Road a million and one times and never went here.

24.) Check out the Pergola and Hill Garden in Hampstead in the Spring.

25.) Take pictures of the Traffic Light Tree near Canary Wharf.

26.) Eat in the dark at Dans le Noir in Clerkenwell.

27.) Check out St George’s Gardens near Euston.

28.) Walk into London very early one morning to see the sun rise on nearly empty streets.

So, help me celebrate my 28th. One of the best birthday presents would be to recommend a favourite place in London that I need to know about! Thank you!