Plumstead Horsies

It’s not so often you spot a horse hanging out in London, but on the edge of Plumstead, nearly in Kent, we found this little guy and two others in a fenced in field while we were out for a walk over the weekend.

I couldn’t get a great photo because he was too close to the fence and wouldn’t move back. He kept brushing his nose against it to be pet. I love his short little legs and his big sad eyes.

The only other place I’ve seen horses in London are on Mudchute Farm and Spitalfields City Farm. Anyone know of anywhere else?

Piccadilly Crossing

On a corner across from the famous Piccadilly Circus lights, the usual crowded sidewalks fill up waiting for the lights to change. I have taken photos of those horses before (and have probably also ruined the pictures of many tourists by walking in front of cameras on the same corner), but this is the first time I shot it from this angle…

Piccadilly Horses

Wild Horses of Hackney

When you think of garden decorations, it’s usually little toadstoods or tiny statues of boys peeing on the flowers that come to mind, but it seems some people have bigger ideas. Graham found these amazing horses outside of a house in Hackney and added them to the Flickr pool so I could share them with you. Thanks Graham!

Ride a cock horse , well i nearly did in Hackeny to day

Ride a cock horse , well i nearly did in Hackeny to day

Horse Stop

Horses and Bus

Victorian times collides with the modern world the other day when I was walking around Elephant and Castle toward the Imperial War Museum and saw this lovely horse-drawn funeral carriage standing in the bus lane…Reminded me of the photo Maggie Jones shared in her Art Spot interview. Here’s a view of the bus lane horses from the side.

Funeral Horses