8 Little London Observations

It’s the little things, as I’ve always said, that make London (and all cities for that matter) unique urban landscapes. These little things detract from the postcard experience (or may add a new dimension to it). It’s the tiny architectural details – the door knobs and paint splatters that largely go unnoticed. It’s the odd rubbish left out for collection that makes you look twice. It’s a random bit of clothing left behind or a funny little sign.

Here are eight of these little observations picked up by LLO readers and contributed to the Flickr pool:

Coffin Cupboard.Photo: Coffin Cupboard by Dennis Owen

Photo: Warning by Steve Reed

How much is that doggy in the window
Photo: How much is that doggy in the window by Takphoto

mind the poo
Photo: Mind the Poo off of Park Road, West Ham by Judy

Ted's Full Frosty Snowman In Richmond - London.
Photo: Ted (Baker)’s full Frosty snowman in Richmond by Jim Linwood

On Blackheath
Photo: On Blackheath by Dave McGowan

Photo: Tile by Steve Reed

GWL Dubious Topiary in Kensington Palace Gardens - W2
Photo: Dubious topiary in Kensington Palace Gardens by Malcolm Edwards

Mobstr: A Bit of Paint

Mobstr, clever street artist who always makes me smirk or laugh or smile, has his London’s walls again over the last few weeks. Here are two pieces that Alex Ellison found and photographed in the East End.



More Mobstr here and of course on his website.

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Shit London

Have you ever walked down the street and had an inward chuckle at a misspelt sign or a ridiculous shop name (of course you have…)? Patrick Dalton runs a blog all about those little details in London, observations that chime in the heart of LLO as well. He even has a book (which of course, I could not resist and it is now exhibiting its blasphemous title proudly on my coffee table…). Yes, it is Shit London. And you’ve probably heard of it already, but I haven’t yet given it a proper space on the blog. Seeing as it never fails to make me laugh, I thought I’d remind you of this little gem this morning to cheer yourself up a little if you’re back at work after all the fun and excitement of the holidays!

Here’s one of my favourite shots that was featured on Shit London last month to get you started.

The Who’d ‘a’ Thought It?

Before I left Plumstead last weekend to move into my new flat, I had to take a few photos of this pub that caught my eye every time I walked past it for its unusual name: The Who’d ‘a’ Thought It

And, of course, the outdoor food stand, “Who’d a Caught It”.


What’s the most amusing pub name you’ve seen in London?
Where was it?