A Little Bit of Borough Market

So it’s a bit crowded on a Saturday morning, but last weekend when we went browsing through the Borough Market, the smells were enticing enough that we stayed to fill up bags with goodies and drool over what we could have for lunch if we were still hungry or what we would have bought if we lived nearby and weren’t planning to be out for the rest of the day. There’s some oddities and exotic choices and the standby fresh veggies and chicken to choose from. I’d recommend the grilled cheese sandwiches and some cheese tasting. There’s lunch in all the free samples! Here’s a splash of photos….

Borough Market Bird 1

Borough Market Spices

Borough Market Bakery

Yummy Yummy

Borough Market - Brindisa

Borough Market Birds

Borough Market Cheese

Borough Market Oysters

Borough Market Salts

Borough Market Wines