John Kortland Photography: 32 Londoners in Black and White

I’m always showing you John Kortland‘s colour street portraits, but in fact he has quite the stunning collection of black and whites as well. Londoners look just as fantastic without colour, don’t you think? Here’s a splattering (all photos and captions in this entry are by John Kortland):

A Quick Touch Up [Explored  #440]
A Quick Touch Up

Lonely Planet Guide ?
Lonely Planet Guide

Bruce Wayne ?
Bruce Wayne

Do-It-Yourself Portrait
Do-It-Yourself Portrait

Passing Trade  [Explored  #278]
Passing Trade


Day Dreaming
Day Dreaming

When Will It Stop ?  [Explored   #187]
When Will It Stop?

Chefs Rest
Chef’s Rest

Hand made extra large condoms while you weight
Handmade Extra Large Condoms While You Wait!

Ash Blondes
Ash Blondes

Collision Course   [Explored  #378]
Collision Course

Late Arrival
Late Arrival

Quiet Crossword
Quiet Crossword

To Have And To Have Not
To Have and To Have Not

Serving Porridge
Serving Porridge

City Wall
City Wall

Stood Up
Stood Up

Ladies Who Drink Coffee
Ladies Who Drink Coffee

City Slicker
City Slicker

Just Walk On By
Just Walk On By

Sales Rush
Sales Rush

A Bird In The Hand . . . . .
A Bird In The Hand…

You Looking At Me ?
You Looking At Me? 

Enjoying Some S&M
Enjoying Some S&M

Converging Verticals
Converging Verticals

Waiting Game
Waiting Game

Looking At The Bigger Picture
Looking At The Bigger Picture

No Ifs, No Butts
No Ifs, No Butts

The Lady With The Pearl Earring
The Lady With The Pearl Earring

Walking After The Rain
Walking After The Rain

Another Brick In The Wall
Another Brick In The Wall

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30 Londoners by John Kortland

It’s been a while since we checked in with John Kortland, so shall we see what he’s been up to? Here’s 30 pictures of Londoners he recently added to the Flickr pool, along with his captions. Leave your faves in the comments:

Running For A Cab [Explored # 422]Running for a cab

Fed UpFed up

London 2012London 2012

Leap Of FaithLeap of faith

Artist And VictimArtist and victim

Everybody Needs A HugEverybody needs a hug

Ferret WalkingFerret walking

Fun Guy HatFun guy hat

Mat And The Bag ManMat and the Bag Man

Mr FoggMr Fogg

Not A Rampant RabbitNot a rampant rabbit

Unusual HatUnusual hat

Travelling To WorkTravelling to work

Thats A Good One Of YouThat’s a good one of you

Suspended AmimationSuspended animation

Coke And A SmokeCoke and a smoke

Long And CurliesLong and curlies

Essential SuppliesEssential supplies

Relaxed RizlaRelaxed Rizla

Must Have Been A Bet !Must have been a bet

Painted LadyPainted lady

Panda PopPanda pop

I've Told You Till I'm Blue In The FaceI‘ve told you till I’m blue in the face

My Girlfriend Is So HotMy girlfriend is so hot

Rainproof RabbiRainproof Rabbi

Approach With CautionApproach with caution

Shape Shifting
Shape shifting

Dreadlock Caller
Dreadlock caller


Catching Some RaysCatching some rays

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20 More Photographs of Londoners by John Kortland

I posted 20 photographs of Londoners by John Kortland two weeks ago. Here’s 20 more, some new, some from his archives, all from the city’s lively streets. Captions by John.

Dickie, His Duchess And The Times ReaderDickie, His Duchess And The Times Reader


Lifting The VeilLifting the veil

Buffalo SoldierBuffalo soldier

Designer FrameDesigner frame


Rucksack RomanticsRucksack romantics

Dying to HelpDying to help

Sleep WalkerSleep walker

Street FriendsStreet friends

Ball SpinnerBall spinner

Pink And ProudPink and Proud

One Man And His DogsOne man and his dogs

Two Balloon LimitTwo balloon limit

Big Issue Goes PoshBig Issue goes Posh

Coloured CurlsColoured curls

Instructions IncludedInstructions included

The BoatmanThe boatman

Secret AdmirerSecret admirer

For Personal Use OnlyFor personal use only

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20 Street Photographs of Londoners by John Kortland

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve caught up with John Kortland. Let’s see what fabulous characters he’s captured on the streets of London lately, shall we? Photos and captions all by John.

Rock BottomRock bottom

The Bag Tells It's Own StoryThe bag tells its own story

Duracell GirlDuracell Girl

Bow Tie GentBow tie gent

The Full EnglishThe full English

Yellow Ray Ban'sYellow Ray Bans

Paul Chapman "As Time Goes By" ActorPaul Chapman – As Time Goes By actor

Extrovert ? Moi ? ?
Extrovert? Moi?

An Englishman In The SunAn Englishman in the sun

Old ManOld man

South Bank GirlSouth Bank girl

Happy Chappie
Happy chappie

Walk Away Quickly Edna
Walk away quickly, Edna

Say CoooSay Coo

Hard TimesHard times

Sunglasses Snap
Sunglasses snap

Mellow YellowMellow yellow

The Text Commandments
The text commandments

OK YahOk Yah.

Black And WhiteBlack and white

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John Kortland’s Street Photography

What fantastic weather London has had this week! Perfect for people watching of course. Have you seen any interesting Londoners lately? John Kortland has, of course. And it’s been a while since I posted some of his street photography for you so here we go. Enjoy. Tell us which are your favourite shots in the comments. (John’s captions as well.)

The Text CommandmentsThe Text Commandments

Lesley Garrett, Opera SingerLeslie Garrett, Opera Singer


Guardian ReaderGuardian Reader

All In A RowAll in a Row

Thinking Inside The BoxThinking inside the box

Another Side of LondonAnother side of London

Stroppy Street EntertainerStroppy street entertainer


Fishy BusinessFishy business

Market ManMarket man

Rocking IvoriesRocking ivories

Scarf FaceScarf face


Make OverMakeover

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