Londoners Through the Lens of John Kortland

John Kortland does know how to find some characters. Ready for a big round up of the latest Londoners? John’s captions included as well. So difficult to single out my favourites but I try!

The Whites Of His EyesThe whites of his eyes…


Golden Boots
Golden boots

 Neat Rows
Neat rows

Ooh,Suits You Sir
Ooh, suits you, sir

Exit Tony Blair
Exit Tony Blair

Blonde On Blonde
Blonde on blonde

All Fur Coat And No . . . . . . . .
All fur coat and no…..

Not For Her
Not for her

Mini Me
Mini me

Full LIfe
Full life

Something To Tell Us Charles ?
Something to tell us, Charles?

Ladies In White Coats, Here To Help. London Fashion Week
Ladies in white coats. Here to help.

Floral Wellies
Floral wellies

Forked Feather
Forked feather

Hearty Stare
Hearty stare

Good To Go
Good to go

Lick It Or Lose It
Lick it or lose it

Inscrutably Ginger
Inscrutably ginger

Study In Studs. London Fashion Week
Study in studs

How Odd
How odd

Harpo ?

That Made You Jump
That made you jump

Uncle Albert
Uncle Albert

One of these days I’m tagging along when John goes shooting… Favourites?

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John Kortland’s Characters

Time to catch up with John Kortland again. He finds so many fascinating Londoners wandering about I can barely keep up. Here’s a few of my favourites of his recent contributions to the Flickr pool.

Upper Class Homeless
Upper Class Homeless

Floral FriendsFloral Friends

Nick Ferrari, LBC Broadcaster
Nick Ferrari, LBC Broadcaster


Flip Up
Flip Up

Red Top
Red Top


Trolley Living
Trolly Living

In All Directions
In All Directions

Sad Accordian Player
Sad Accordion Player


Just The Plaice
Just the Plaice

Drastic Action
Drastic Action

Best Friends
Best Friends

Clear Message
Clear Message

Waiting For An Exchange
Waiting for an Exchange

Stoneman And The Magic Ash
Stoneman and the Magic Ash

Eveyone's A Critic
Everyone’s a Critic

Windows To The Soul
Windows to the Soul

Union Jack Glasses
Union Jack Glasses


Checking in with John Kortland

I had tea with John in Notting Hill the other day. It was a welcome break from the chaos at work. He had a whole day of wandering the city, photographing, meeting up with old friends. Let’s see who he’s found lately…

Say It With FlowersSay it with flowers

Wear Your Heart On Your HeadWear your heart on your head

Must Get My Head Down
Must get my head down

The Irn-Bru Lady
The Irn-Bru Lady

Waiting For Noddy
Waiting for Noddy

Hot Wired
Hot Wired

New Best Friend
New best friend

Remembering Brian
Remembering Brian

If Only . . . .
If only…
4 Wheels On My Wagon
Four wheels on my wagon

The I-StareThe i-Stare

I'm Keeping An Eye On You
I’m keeping an eye on you

Phew, I'm Glad To Get These Off ! !
Phew, I’m glad to get these off!

Proper PicnicProper picnic

Have You Forgotten Something ? ?Have you forgotten something? 

On The Short SideOn the short side

Backwards GlanceBackwards glance

Welcome RestWelcome rest

Exclusion ZoneExclusion Zone

Blue MuffsBlue muffs

Proud MotherProud mother

Little And LargeLittle and large

The Lonely RangerThe lonely ranger

Leave a comment and let us know which ones you love the most!

(All photos and captions by John Kortland)
Interview with John

Londoners Photographed by John Kortland

Time for another John Kortland photo fix. Let’s see what he’s found Londoners up to this week…

Matching TopsMatching tops

Sideways GlanceSideways glance

The Brandy ManThe brandy man 

We All Have Our Cross To BearWe all have our cross to bear

Trying To Blend In
Trying to blend in

Too Much De-Caff !Too much de-caff!

Don't Mess With Me Son !
Don’t mess with me son!

Full LifeFull life

Forty WinksForty winks

The Future's Bright . . . . .The future’s bright…

Take It EasyTake it easy.

Nobody Told Me It Was Blue Day !Nobody told me it was blue day!

For more from John, have a look here or check out his interview with LLO.

The Lives of Londoners Captured by John Kortland

I tried really really hard to narrow this down to 10 images, honest I did, but I can’t keep up with John Kortland’s awesomeness at capturing Londoners anymore so I had to post more. Captions are his as well and there’s plenty more photography on his Flickr photostream where these came from so be sure to stop by and admire. The last one of the man with the wind in his white hair and the missing shoe has to be one of my all time favourites from John so far.

Long StretchLong stretch

Self Portrait Tatt
Self-portrait tatt

This Book Drives Me Up The Wall
This book drives me up the wall

The Eyes Have ItThe eyes have it

Rings And RowsRings and rows

Great Balls Of FireGreat balls of fire

Magnetic AttractionMagnetic attraction

In Full Cry
Full cry

Enjoying The Sun
Enjoying the sun

Secret Call
Secret call

Swede Carver
Swede Carver

Lunch With The Pigeons
Lunch with the pigeons

Golden Years
Golden years

Secret Surfing
Secret surfing

Groovy Granny
Groovy grandma

Frozen Warden
Frozen warden

Burberry Burka
Burberry burka 

How Many Of Those Could I Get In My Helmet ?
How many of those could I fit in my helmet?

Holding On To A FriendHolding onto a friend

Which ones do you like the best?

If you missed it, be sure to check out my interview with John or some of the past posts featuring his photography.