Knitted Bike by Olek

Mr. Penfold, Malarky

First glance at this wall and I saw a giant Malarky and Mr. Penfold collaboration. And then I saw the bike. It may have been there for quite some time now (I’m guessing it has), but this is the first time since I’ve been back in London that I’ve walked down this way (Sclater Street in Tower Hamlets) so I was excited to have stumbled upon it.

Knitted Bike!

Here’s a closer photo of the bike, which is a piece by Olek, a Polish artist whose full name is Agata Oleksiak. She lives and works in NYC, so if you’re reading this from across the pond, keep your eyes open because she does quite a few shows. And when Olek knits, she goes all out making massive sculpture pieces covering pianos, cars, the giant bull on Wall Street and a whole host of other things that must have taken her absolutely ages. She even knitted a tent (though I doubt it’s waterproof…). Here’s a link if you’re looking for a bit more procrastination 😉

And while I’m talking about bikes, if you’re into it, the London Bike Show is on now through the weekend.

Also, if you spot any more Olek pieces around London, do tell because I’m loving it.