Autumn Leaves in Stamford Hill

While I was in New York earlier this month, I had the opportunity to enjoy plenty of beautiful Autumn leaves, like these…

London has nothing on upstate New York when it comes to a vibrant  October, but Joseph O’Malley captured the golden London leaves here perfectly in his two photos below of Springfield Park in Stamford Hill, North London.

Enjoy what’s left of the leaves while you can – Winter is coming! Brrrrr….

Springfield Park, Stamford Hill, London, England.

Springfield Park, Stamford Hill, London, England.


Side note – After seeing these photos, I spent the last 20 minutes reading a very interesting article about Stamford Hill. I googled the area because I realised it’s somewhere in London I really knew nothing about. This fascinating piece from The Telegraph is what popped up. It’s long, but worth a good skim at least! (I realise it’s old news from 2011, but we found ourselves lost in a heavily Orthodox Jewish area of Brooklyn at the end of our NY trip so this was particularly timely from my perspective!)

Last Days of Autumn

It was one of those perfect English autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life.  
P.D. James

The last few days have been bone-chilligly cold with those bitter winter winds sweeping through tube platforms and forcing our hands inside coat pockets as we parade through the morning rat race.

It’s hard to believe that just last week I was jumping in a huge pile of leaves that a friend and I had created in the middle of St. James’s Park, sitting there, smirks and grins, coats off, chatting as leaves floated around us. Everything shimmered in the golden glow of a late afternoon sun.

Autumn is my favourite season, so as a last nod before it sinks into memory for another year, I’ve unwrapped my hands from a hot cup of tea and decided to share a few pictures from this perfect English Autumn day.

A Park Stroll

Autumn Sun


Crispy, Golden Leaves

Which park in London is your favourite and why?
Does your favourite park change with the seasons?
How are you keeping warm today? 

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Autumn in East London

Autumn Collage

On the corner of Wilkes Street near the Sunday UpMarket and Brick Lane, this brick a house draped in pretty Autumn leaves. I wasn’t the only one who stopped to snap a few photos. Walking on through the market, I caught a drift of mulled wine in the cool air – true Autumn/Winter season in London!

Wilkes Street Autumn Leaves

Autumn Colours

The sprawling heath in Hampstead is one of the most beautiful places in London this time of year.


I took a walk through the trails in the woods and later up Parliament Hill (photos of that part for another time) and brought my camera along to capture the pretty colours.

Autumn Colours

Joggers, families walking dogs and couples holding hands stuck to the main paths so it was easy to find complete silence on some of the trails through the woods.

Out for a Run

The ground was a blanket of Autumn colour, the air fresh and wildlife scurrying about.

Through the Branches

The branches above were still losing their leaves.


It was, of course, drizzly (it is London afterall) and the leaves were shining.

Fiery Forest

Wild mushrooms cling to the branches, some flowers are still in bloom and the bushes around Kenwood House are pretty reds and orange.

Forest Growth

There are even lots of pretty magpies flitting through the trees…


Perfect for a lazy Sunday stroll.

Forest Floor

Crunching leaves under your feet, leaves floating down when a breeze comes through and squirrels chasing each other along the branches above your head, it’s a great escape from the rush of the city streets.

Hiking Trails

Either take the Northern line to Hampstead or the London overground to the Hampstead Heath station.

Fall Colours

After the walk, warm up with rum and chocolate crepes at La Creperie on the high street or pop into one of the many bakeries, pubs or warm book shops.

Fallen Leaves