When the Light Fades into Night

When the night falls on the city, it’s transformed into another world with glimmering reflections swimming in the Thames, lights dotting the skyline against a black backdrop like low hanging stars, and everything waiting in a peaceful, quiet, near-emptiness for morning.

There have been some stunning night shots added to the Flickr pool lately so today is the day I share them with you.

High above the city...
High above the city… by Shando

For a light to shine brightly, darkness must be presentFor a light to shine brightly, darkness must be present by odin’s_raven

Light fades on the Power StationLight fades on the Power Station by Shando

NightfallNightfall by Shando

Sleeping GiantSleeping Giant by John Kortland

The National Gallery
The National Gallery by MeDwayBoY

Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxyMeanwhile on the other side of the galaxy (Crystal Palace) by Karva Javi

Shard in your EyeShard in your eye by MeDwayBoY

Beneath, Between, BeyondBeneath, Between and Beyond by Shando