10 Photographs of London Icons and Architecture

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans out there!

Move Guides listed some places to grab a good old Turkey dinner tonight if you’re in London like me. I, however, will be spending my Thanksgiving with my dad and brother who are here from the States. My brother is itching for a good crepe so I will take him to Hampstead for a mouth watering lunch from the little kiosk, La Crêperie de Hampstead, my favourite in all of London. Then perhaps a little wander through Camden and a stroll along the South Bank. In the evening, we’re have a very non-American Thanksgiving, celebrating with fish and chips followed by drinks with my dad’s friends and family in a little pub in Dartford.

Who else is celebrating Thanksgiving in London? What’s the plan? And, more importantly, who’s going to make me some pumpkin pie?

For today, I give you 10 images of London icons and architecture from the Flickr pool:

House of CardsPhoto: House of cards by Fred255

Way out
Photo: Way out, Canary Wharf by The Green Album

Lloyd's Building
Photo: Lloyds building by Fred255

Kings X
Photo: Kings X by Shando

28 Days Later
Photo: 28 days later by Fred255

London by night
Photo: London by night by Noslen20

Going Underground
Photo: Going underground, Canary Wharf by The Green Album

London by night
Photo: London by night by Noslen20

Minster Court
Photo: Minster Court by Fred255

Photo: Whizz by The Green Album

That’s all folks! Enjoy your day.