London Links: Weekend 15

Why, hello Winter! You’ve arrived… Bring on the snow please.

Launched our new blog, CAPA World, at work this week which I’ll be running. Would love to have you follow along. There will be London goodies and other international education / travel / photography related joy. I’m in charge of the Pinterest too which is equally fabulous. It’s very colourful and inspiring. Have a look.

I’ve been invited over to Spitalfields to review the new branch of Pho restaurants tomorrow night so you’ll see that up on LLO next week. Anyone been yet? There’s some shopping to be done and some quality time to be spent with Jorge. Perhaps The Breakfast Club tomorrow morning. Hmmm…always so many options in this wonderful city. I’m also going to be writing my 4th article for TownFish which is set to launch very, very soon! Exciting stuff. Watch this space.

What are all of you up to this weekend?

By the way, thanks for all the new Facebook likes! Nearly 800 now. My birthday is on December 28. Think LLO can make it to 1,000 by then? Spread the word. I’ll give away a few free sets of photo coasters (your choice of images) in January if it reaches 1,000 by my birthday.

Here is a handsome fox for your Friday photo fix:

FoxPhoto: Fox in Newington Green by Skire Is Cool

And some links from some of my favourite London bloggers:

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Stay warm!!

London Links: Weekend 13

This weekend, I shall be in Paris, La Ville-Lumière, avec Jorge.

Anyone else have any nice weekend plans?

If not, here’s a smiling snail to cheer you up:

SnailPhoto: Snail, Seven Sisters Road by Steve Reed

And plenty of reading material from some of my favourite London bloggers:

Paris tomorrow. Squee!

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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London Links: Weekend 12

A cool, crisp, Autumn weekend. I think I may take the camera out for a little spin. Somewhere East, a bit gritty, maybe somewhere I haven’t been before. Perhaps a bit of shopping before I catch up with friends on Sunday. But relaxing. Fingers crossed for sun. How will you spend yours?

Here’s my Friday photo for you from HookedBlog. So London…

Mr Wany & HUNTO
Photo: My Wany & HUNTO by HookedBlog

And, of course, the Friday link round up:

If you have Pinterest, follow the new boards I’m running for CAPA International Education. London’s one of them.

If you don’t already, you should definitely follow LLO on Twitter and Facebook!

Cheers for reading LLO guys. Have a great weekend. Leave me a nice comment and tell me what you’re up to!

London Links: Weekend 11

It’s a busy but fun weekend ahead for me. I’ll be in Penge (SE20) all day on Saturday for the fabulous SE20 Craft Fair where I’ll be attempting to sell some of my photography and jewellery I make that I brought back with me from my parents’ house in New York. Come down and say hi if you’re around.

Sunday I’ll be hiding out at the International Travel Fair in Earl’s Court – back on my side of the world. Daydreaming.

Like this cat on a hot car roof that Where The Art Is photographed on Columbia Road. Isn’t she cute?

Cat on a Hot Car Roof
Photo: Cat on a Hot Car Roof by Where The Art Is

Anyway, let’s delve into the world of London bloggers and see what’s interesting…

Also, I’ve set up a Pinterest account for work which will focus on Beijing, Buenos Aires, Florence, Istanbul, London and Sydney. If you’re interested in travel or study abroad, follow me. I’ve also taken over the Twitter account so find me there too @capastudyabroad.

Enjoy your weekend!

PS – if you missed it, I was interviewed on MoveGuides last week and had a guest post up yesterday.

London Links: Weekend 10

Ah Friday. That time again. Don’t the weeks just fly by?

I’m very excited to have one of my very good friends, Sarah, here in London from New York until Wednesday! We’ll be out and about this weekend at some of my favourite hang outs, restaurants and neighbourhoods.

So you have any nice plans? Any super secret recommendations I may not know about?

In other news, I got a pretty new blog badge from this week. It’s over there —>

Thanks for all of the continuous reading and contributions to the Flickr pool. You guys make LLO what it is!

Here’s one of those photo contributions. A piece from artist Run, captured by delete08 in North London:

Photo: Run in North London by delete08

And of course I have some links for you from my fellow London bloggers:

Enjoy your crisp Autumn weekend!