Rain Rain Go Away

P1080872Photo by Where The Art Is

Every morning, the rain is dripping from tree branches, pooling on the shiny surfaces of parked cars, clinging to delicate spider webs. And it starts again, the umbrellas pop up, we skip over puddles (or sometimes give up and trudge through), walk with heads down, sit at desks with wet feet and walk home with soggy newspapers tucked under our arms.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHUVWEgHAy8]

It’s that famous London rain that hasn’t let up in ages. So we don the wellies and raincoats and a British determination to carry on. But at least it sets the scene for some amusing iPhone photos…

Rainy London Romance

Just a little shot I took on Parliament Hill the other day.

Rainy Romance

A reminder that despite all the wet weather, there´s still plenty of simple ways to enjoy London!

What´s your favourite way to enjoy a rainy day in this city?

A few of mine:

  • Enjoying a relax tea with a spinach and feta muffin and a good book on a couch in the basement of the lovely little New Zealand themed Sacred Cafe on Ganton Street.
  • A meander through Tate Modern with a stop off in the bookshop to drool over all the amazing art books and design magazines.
  • Electric Cinema? Secret Cinema?
  • Or, well, ordinary things like blogging, baking yummy cakes, having a snuggly rainy day film marathon with tea and popcorn, planning my next adventure (Dubai this Wednesday!) or taking photographs of the rain 🙂