The Love Fence in Shoreditch

When I was living in Colombia last year, I wrote a post on my other blog about love locks around the world. It’s controversial as something like this is bound to be, but I think it’s beautiful. A while ago, a similar fence covered in locks with messages of love, etc popped up in Shoreditch (where else?). Anyone know who started it?

Here’s a few shots added to the Flickr pool of The Shoreditch Love Fence:

Yarn and Padlock fence bombing, ShoreditchPhoto by surreyblonde

PadlockPhoto by msganching

PadlocksPhoto by World of Tim 2

I Adore UPhoto by jwmoz

Here are a couple more articles about the locks from Londonist, Ali Muskett and Who’s Jack if you’re interested!


Also, Happy Birthday Mom! 🙂