Londoners: Ron & Betsy

Ron and Betsy 1

This is Ron and his dog, Betsy. They’re constantly seen together on Portobello Road, Betsy always perched on Ron’s shoulder while he mingles with the market vendors and helps out with a few fruit and veggie stalls.

I walked over and asked if I could take a photo. Ron smiled and nodded, raising his tattoo-covered knuckles up to pat Betsy on the head. He said, “Yea, go on babe.”

He’s gotta be the coolest guy around that area. I hear someone is writing his biography but not sure if that’s just a rumour or any of the details. If anyone knows more, I’d love to read it, so let me know! If you want to see other photos, have a look at the Ron and Betsy Flickr group (and of course, they’ve also been honoured with a Facebook page…)

Ron and Betsy 2

Londoners: Man’s Best Friend

Nearly every single time I walk down Portobello Road on a Saturday, I see this lovely man and his dog – always perched on top of his shoulders. Every time I see him, I can’t help but smile.

Man's Best Friend 1

Man's Best Friend 2

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